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If you work a drive through, you DO NOT need a tip!!

To Tyson. Start treating my friend better or let her go so she and the kids don't have to deal with you and all your crap. Or maybe just try... everyone can grow so start caring.

I'm sorry that me breaking my foot at work is such an inconvenience for you boss man

If you’re going to ban us listening to podcasts at work then you’re going to have to go around and check everyone’s phone to see what they’re listening to. Because that’s a stupid rule and nobody follows it

to the lady who won't get off her phone while on public transit! No one wants to hear your business!!!! Inner "Karen" is about to be unleashed! Go ahead and ignore the looks, you won't be able to ignore "Karen"! Get off the phone!!!!

To the A** yesterday who made me lock my breaks and then almost side swiped me, you can't just run a red light to turn right in front of a person and when they honk to get your attention slam on your breaks right in front of them. Then on the freeway you don't check your blindspot and almost hit me again! GET OFF YOUR PHONE AND PAY ATTENTION!!! YOU ARE DRIVING!

I get that you've been in the department longer than me but you didn't want the manager position so if you could stop undermining me in front of the entire Group that would be great

Guys if you want to be there for a lady and listen to what she needs to rant about, DO NOT THEN MANSPLAIN WHAT SHE'S FRUSTRATED ABOUT. Just listen and shut your mouth. Just for once. Please!

I understand that we are responsible for our own feelings but that doesn't give you license to say anything you want to everyone you want. DONT BE MEAN

screw the people that turn into the incorrect lane.

our waitress told us we couldn't order our drinks until the rest of our party got there. Asked the manager and he said that is not a thing.

stop nickpicking if we're doing our job well

hey co-worker you can't act like a nasty b with an itch for days and then come back into work and act like nothings wrong. Grow up and stop treat your equals as lesser

dear ex of 6yrs, don't cry to me abt how much I broke ur heart, how much you miss me & want us back yet ur out there screwing random chicks after only 2 weeks

Listen ____ new homeowners. You absolutely suck. I know most contractors don't give a crap if they are behind. But I feel terrible about it. Getting mad and telling me what to do isn't helping. It's not going to magically change my schedule. BE NICE!

To the person that thinks they need to be in everyone's business. Yes I've been looking for a new job. But it's not your business nor is it your business to tell everyone at work looking for another job.

I'm sorry I had to cancel. My mental health from an extremely stressful week was more important than our plans. We can reschedule.

I'd like to say WALK YOUR LAZY CONVENIECED ASS INSIDE to those who say drive thru doesn't deserve tips.

if you're on a job site please use headphones. Not everyone wants to listen to your garbage music. Also quit smoking in the building. It isn't allowed and it's gross. Good God use common sense!

I'm over explaining how I have been trying to go back to work. You informing me of how much stress im putting on my family is not helpful. I am fully aware of my bills. I also am having heart issues that are out of my control. Im going back to work putting myself at risk so please hold your opinions.

Just shut up and do your job Samantha

stop dropping your weights at the gym. You look hella dumb

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