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I just found out that my boss was in a completely different field and got a dui for being high on the drugs he stole from his employer at the time

left the Mormon church and enjoy a glass of wine every so often! CHEERS!

I'm in love with my ex's brother And we've started a relationship. We've even talked about marriage but I never wanted to Marry the ex.

my dirty little secret, I hooked up with my ex's pregnant sister

My dirty little secret is that I have been farting at work all morning and blaming it on other coworkers

my stepdad is very pretentious about his peanut butter. He buys very expensive PB. He claims there is some "bad" oil in them and that he can totally tell the difference between them. Well my mom has other open jars of cheaper PB that he refuses to eat. She slowly adds JIF to his fancy FB and he has NO IDEA! It's hilarious and will be even funnier when he has no idea how he got salmonella. Lol

I went thru my fiancé's phone and found out that he was cheating on me and on tinder. I took pictures of everything and am waiting to confront him because unfortunately I can't afford our apartment without him

I know it's cliché but I fake it in bed most of the time. Try not to as much anymore. Not my husband’s fault because it’s always been difficult for me. Never can talk to anyone about it and will take it to my grave

when I see ppl leave The church I get jealous Bc I feel like trapped. I also am talking w/ my ex again and nobody knows.

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