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TEXT TOPIC: What do you want to brag about when it comes to your kid?

bragging about my daughter, she'll be 14 next month and dance is her life. Her comp team has reached dancing in Disneyland status, we leave in 2 weeks. Such a proud dance Mom here! Love you Rue

my daughter made a traveling competitive soccer team. She's 12.

I have two children that were both addicted to drugs at some point and I'm just very proud how far they've come and stayed clean for going on two years now. It's heartbreaking to watch your child go through that

I am SO proud of my daughter! She just graduated nursing school as an RN. She was valedictorian for both her USU nursing school and for all of Utah State! Her 3 speeches were incredible! Love you Abbi!

this is my first child so obviously this is HUGE for me. My 8 month old daughter is waiving bye now. Monday when I picked her up from my MIL house she waved bye. So proud of her.

MY daughter graduates a month ago. At awards night we were all surprised when the principal called her up at the end of the program. The teachers had put together a scholarship and voted in one kid to give it to. They chose her as the "Most Inspirational Student"! I was blown away. She's not the straight A student like her and puts herself down for it. It was Ana amazing moment to see others acknowledge the amazing heart she has and friendship that she gives. One SUPER proud Momma!

my 4 yr old always asks what's on a panhandlers sign and then says " we should help him, next time we should buy him food. Or bring money" he has a much kinder heart than I do.

My oldest graduated this year and is going to start her own pig breeding company. Excited to see where life takes her.

Proud of my 15 yr old just started her first job & is rocking it! Also my 10 yr old wanted to challenge himself & has started fencing classes and he is doing amazing, he is an introvert so this is huge. So proud of my kiddos

my 9 month old son is an amazing little eater. He will try anything we put in front of him.

so proud of my daughter who is 13 for getting a 4.0 GPA all of seventh grade Way to go Aspen

4th year my kid has made it the all stars in boys baseball. She is a girl. KILLIN IT

my 18 year old son is currently in Georgia competing at SkillsUSA. It's a trade comp and he's competing against people 15+ years older than him. Best of luck "paws"!

My son just graduated the Nuclear Engineer program in the Navy! One proud Momma right here!!!-- Stationed in Bangor WA now!!

we were at a city pool yesterday and my 7yo daughter went down the long twisty side by herself for the first time, without adults holding her. She has a 10yo bro and she is always the first to try something new and something that might be scary. She's awesome

Proud of how well my daughter is adapting to motherhood

My 14 year old son got permission to go into an advanced computer programming class at his new high school. 9th grader in a 10th and 11th grade class, and already codes better than I do with a college degree! Jealous of his talent!

proud of my son. Growing up He has always had that ability to walk up into a bunch of people he doesn't know and instantly makes friends and fits in. Much more confidence in himself than I ever had. In fact he doesn't lack self confidence..... at all!

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