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TEXT TOPIC: Were you a pedestrian hit by a car?

my bestie got ran over in a church parking lot by a leader at an activity as a child. Luckily she was fine

A woman almost ran me over. I said to her u almost ran me over. She flipped me off & drove away.

lady backing out almost hit me, my 4yr old & baby in her car seat I had to yell and she slammed her breaks she must have had a camera

My husband constantly tells our children that a parking lot is the MOST DANGEROUS place to be a pedestrian. I'm so glad you're ok Frankie. That is scary.

wasn't me but my friend (teens) on her bike going to my house guy hit her! Guy was freaking out she just jumped up got back on the bike came to my house

I watched a teen get hit on his bike he was leaving practice lady hit him in the cross walk he flipped up on the car his head busted her windshield

I was 10yrs old on my new BMX bike taking lunch to my aunt that worked 6 blocks away. I had the green light and an old lady ran the light and hit me. She saw me stand up and took off. I carried my bike back to the card and ran groggy to my aunt. Mom got mad that I didn't let my aunt take care of the bloody scratch on the back of my head, but I ran back to hide my bike because I didn't want my dad to get mad at me.

ma was walking next to a lady dad stopped her to walk with him car floored it HIT and dragged the lady slammed into the brick it was an older woman driving

when I was 9, this guy hit me on my bike and I flew. Turns out he was paralyzed on one side from drugs and had already been in a ton of accidents and still had his license.

i walk a lot and every a car gets supper close to me, almost been hit a few time, there are just 2 many intersections and most drivers dont care

my husband was on they way to a Halloween trunk or treat at 8 years old and was crossing the crosswalk when an older guy hit him. He was bleeding really bad and passed out, woke up in the hospital and started crying because he didn't get his candy

I just remembered that on my mission a lady in a brand new BMW, backed into me while I was on my bike. My leg not by her car tried to keep me standing as she kept backing up. I thought she was going to break my other leg. My handlebar scratched her trunk hood really bad. She felt so bad

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