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TEXT TOPIC: Your kid go to the bathroom somewhere they shouldn't?

my son when he was about two years old decided that he wanted to take a poop in one of our drawers.

back in the early 90s my family and extended family went to see the temple lights and one of my cousins needed the restroom but they were closed she was about 3-4. My aunt put her the flower bed and went #1. She complained she needed to go #2 too but my aunt grabbed her and ran to a restaurant

We were at Temple Square and I turned around to catch my nephew with his pants down, urinating in the flowers. Pretty sure we're going to hell for that one.

we had just moved into our neighborhood and my kids went to play with the neighbors, well my 5 year old had to go #2 and one of the kids told him to just go outside. Yeah, he pooped on the driveway

we went swimming in the local lake and next thing we know my brother yells "eww poop!!" My sister had pooped in the lake...guessing she didn't know it would float.

My son was 2 and went In the rocks at a playground! So embarrassing.

The first time I watched my boyfriend's daughter, she climbed up into a playground set got scared, peed gallons of urine, and by the time I got up there to get her out of the playground, other children and I were covered in urine. More proof those playgrounds are disgusting

little bro in Disneyland always would have to go to the bathroom while we were in line for a ride, he peed in more bottles when he was young than any person I know! Family all huddled around him so he could

a few years back we were at my boyfriend's family house to decorate the Christmas tree and we brought our corgi to meet them for the first time. Halfway through someone said that he had an accident, which was weird because he never had accidents. So we're all embarrassed and apologizing until someone noticed the nephew pulling up his pants from peeing on the Christmas tree.... We still give them crap over them blaming the dog for the nephew's accident

Went boating with my boyfriends family. His little sister ended up pooping in the lake around where we were all swimming. Needless to say no one wanted to swim the rest of the day

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