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TEXT TOPIC: What is your Dirty Little Secret?????

I'm jealous of my husbands family member who just got married. I wish it were me that ended up marrying him.

found my husbands old computer. I'm now tracking his location and seeing what apps and things he's been googling. Yeah he's on 5 dating apps and I'm trying to find a time to call him out

My husband's family has become so toxic that it has driven me to start looking for homes out of state. As soon as I find the perfect one, I am moving us all away. Nobody knows, not even my husband :)

plenty of times where I've bought or sold things on KSL and I have ended up hooking up with them. And years ago on Craigslist. Met someone that had a room for rent. She was hot. We ended up hooking up a few times

I'm doing it with my friends boss who is way younger than me

my dirty little secret would be that I would love to get titi slapped in the face one time in my life if it could be from Jess that would be a bonus

dirty little secret is that I recently hooked up with my youngest sister's friend, we've done it a couple of times. She's 19 im 47. And I feel bad for her boyfriend and my sister doesn't know either.

I slept with my sister's future husband before they knew each other. We were shocked when he met our family when my sister brought him to dinner. We've never told anyone

my brother on law told me he just found out he is not the father of their new baby. My sister recently told me about the affair, but she doesn't know I know about the paternity test and we are SUPER close so it's really awkward.

yesterday my coworker randomly whispered to me that our manager is a convicted pedophile. I googled it.. sure enough.. idk how to keep this to myself.

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