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TEXT TOPIC: What is coming up that makes you nervous?

I'm nervous for Tuesday. I'm returning back to work after almost of month of being out. My first night training I passed out and had a seizure. No reason and not much else I can do so bills gotta get paid. I'm worried it'll happen again. I'm a phlebotomist at a hospital

I just applied for my dream job. So hopefully an interview is coming soon! It makes me so nervous I could puke. I've been training/preparing for this job for 10 years

I'm opening a bar with a couple friends. Just waiting on a license. Can't wait. DABC meeting on the 28th

Bringing home 4 foster children this weekend. Really nervous about being capable, how my hubby will handle it, finances. Eek!!

I'm going through the pre approval for weight loss surgery. Other than my wife and a friend I haven't told anyone else

nervous. I'm nervous for the end of the month. My dads retiring after 35 years. Unfortunately my ex-husband will be at the ceremony as well, being as he works with my dad. It's my dads day and I don't want anything to ruin it, but literally seeing the x makes my skin crawl. Even my kids don't wanna see him. Trying to keep my crap together.

Cant say too much but I am preparing to file a lawsuit against my company as of next week....nerve wracking to say the least

daughter is heading to New York for college. Nooooo

Hi this is Eric. I am nervous and excited for my first kid which is due in August. I am just worried I will mess up despite everyone around me saying I will be a good dad.

I am nervous about a camping trip coming up with my husband. We have been in counseling & he suggested a Vaca for 3 days. Its all we can afford. We haven't been in 8 years. Sleeping and fishing. What else to do?!?! Sex, yeah right 🤣🤣🤣🤣 that's not going to happen!!! (His choice, not mine 😢)

first child is due in the next 8 weeks

have court for an ugly custody battle on Tuesday. Please send prayers and good vibes. I haven't seen my kids in over 2 months.

have a job interview today after work. I'm nervous about it because it's a second interview. And I really hope I get it.

this afternoon I find out if I qualify for building my first house, an add on to my parents. Trying not to get my hopes up but I really need/want this.

nervous to see my ex this weekend

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