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TEXT TOPIC: Did you hook up with a client or customer???

I used to work front desk at a hotel. And I totally hooked up with one of our military guests

I'm a banker, I open loans and accounts and I also hook it up. I've been with about 6 clients. I have my own office. I've done it during bank hours. But I've also been hooking it up with the manager. She is wild, I feel that I will get caught soon if I don't stop. But it's hard to stop.

Well, i was in the dental software business at the time...and they (two different times) became a client a month after hooking upend all I can say is that women dentists are freaking hot! It wasn't to get their business either... just two professional people passing in the night. LOL

worked for a cleaning company. Had a customer who had an adult son living in her basement. I'd go clean her house and hook uo with him on the clock. He became my boyfriend shortly after. 2 years later we aren't together

I do home mortgage loans. I helped a young lady refinance a loan. We hooked up then 3 months later I found out that she was pregnant.

I'm a manager of a convenience store chain in the area.. I hooked it up with one of my customers, and he became a regular chew toy for years.

I hooked up with the home estimator. Thanks for the fun ride, Trent lol

I was a swim teacher, private and group. I hooked up several dads for years. One offered to leave his wife for me! That was my last hook up. I was only 18 when he asked!

hotel front desk. Hooked up with a comedian from. In Living Color, a businessman on a conference, a wonderful weekend with a guy from Vegas. Fun job

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