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TEXT TOPIC: You love you job but hate what one thing?

I'm an Account executive for a local wireless company but I HATE when needing to travel through airports. The waits, the unpacking at hotels, the repacking, the lines, flights, low availability of rental cars and needing to Uber everywhere. I "strongly dislike it"

i love my job but I hate the drive. Its 60 miles one way! It's rough on my mental health and family life to be driving for 2 hours a day on top of my 9 hr work day

I LOVE working with children and seeing the difference we make as educators. I HATE watching our work unravel due to an unstable home life. It's heartbreaking.

I work as a caregiver at the Utah State developmental center. I love my job but the thing that sucks is when individuals pass away.

I love my job. My boss is awesome and really flexible. I've been there 13 years. I HATE that I can't go on vacation. There's no one who can do my job so when I do actually do somewhere, I have twice as much work when I get back. It's just not worth it. Trying to find someone to train, but trying to hire someone is a freaking joke!

I'm a delivery driver. I love my route, my customers, my supervisors, my schedule. I don't love the pay.. could be better

I love my job I clean houses but I hate having to drive all over the place to get to the houses especially with gas prices.

love being a nurse but people treat hospitals like hotels and demand everything. It doesn't help that IHC limits what the state pays their staff.

love my job, do accounting for a machine shop, but it's dirty from all the equipment so I can't wear good clothes to work like I would at an office.

collections agency. HATE when people just hang up, just say you can't pay

I work for for the DABC and i love my job but not the ppl freaking out about laws I have control of. Just show me your ID and enjoy the day

I work in news I am a mid-level manager. I hate that all of the male managers ahead of me do half the amount of work that I do but get paid a whole lot more. Definitely a male-dominated industry that'll probably never change

I LOVED my job as a elementary school teacher back in the day... when we could just TEACH!!

I'm a fraud investigator. I love everything. The research, putting the puzzle together, etc. What I hate is that we are underpaid. I should be making at least $3-$6 more hourly.

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