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TEXT TOPIC: Who was the worst boss you've ever had????

Worked for an oral surgeon. His office manager was the worst and would tell us that she could train a monkey to do our jobs and we were all replaceable.

Worst Boss Ever - School owner locally who is a sexual predator & always fat shame teens who attend his school. wife overlooks his actions ½

I'm in the medical aesthetics industry and have had a few terrible bosses. The worst is one who liked to share his personal stories/moments he'd have with other women. He and his girlfriend at the time took a trip to Mexico. One morning I got a call from him in a major panic….After the one cut off..called in a major panic He was freaking out because his GF left him in Mexico and took his wallet and passport. What he wanted me to do was change all of passwords ASAP! Change his email and social media passwords then let him know what I changed them to.

I'm a teacher and our principal was nitpicks micromanager. She'd observe us multiple times a week. She would whistle down the hall before she came in. I still have PTSD when I hear whistling.

Worst boss- not allowed to have food in building. Paid straight commission. Made $0.03 per order but was docked $0.25 if customer canceled. Also limited how much tp we could use.

Worst boss- thought the moment he made me salary that he owned me. Wake up to calls at 5:30 am or would get calls at 10 pm. Went out and got sales orders but the guy couldn't pay vendors to get the goods on time

I had a boss that tried to make me use vacation time while I was at work because she said I was "off task". That's tend her in to HR and 10 days later I was fired

my old boss was the worst, total gossip queen and clicky as hell. Everyone hates her and tenses up when she’s around, she always nags about EVERYTHING and complains to other coworkers about how much she hates the other employees. Ditched that bitch for good finally- your snotty cheerleader persona will get you NO happiness! Deuces!

my current boss is the worst. Makes promises she can't keep, says she didn't promise or makes promises that she has absolutely no control to keep. She lies, doesn't know what any of her employees do. She's a bitch.

my ex boss sent me an email by accident, basically talking crap about me to another leader because I was invited on a trip to NY to meet the CEO at a luncheon. Any time I had any recognition she will rain on my parade. My peers about (60 ppl) liked me and always sent me recognitions and she just couldn't stand it.

My worst boss was at a candy shop A few years ago One day a couple of customers who are fat came in to The store and she looks at me And says what are these cows doing Here they obviously don't need more candy

Worked at a dental office. 1 of the drs would never refer to me by my name, threw files in my face, yelled at me, all of this in front of patients & co-workers, and blatantly flirted w/the other receptionist (both married) Came time to let me go, chicken s* hid in the back cuz he was scared I'd do something to him.

im probably someone's horrible boss, my last job I was miserable from the boss above me who made my life hell, so It trickled down to my staff, luckily I'm in a new position with a much better boss and a better attitude

(Worst Boss) My current Boss is somehow either related to half the dept I work in or has hired folks on they know personally. they are hardly in the office, the other leadership hardly shows their face (stays in their office all day) and Unless your in their little smoking "Group" you always have to watch your back. HR was made aware of the toxic work situation recently but instead of doing an investigation simply gave the boss all the information and nothing was done about it.

my husband's NEW boss, that doesn't know anything about his job is ALWAYS watching the cameras, instead of actuality learning his job. They hate him

boss didn't train me, yelled at me daily mental and verbal abuse. Owners never said anything & we were payroll/hr. Works 4 the church now so God help them

My husband's old boss never helping when questions about something his response was figure it out! Talking down to everyone. Verbal abuse and Harassing everyone can I say he was the biggest jerk ever!

My boss at a major cell phone company where I worked phone customer service wouldn't let me take sick time when I had laryngitis so I had to whisper on the phone. I would've been written up and not been paid. EFF HER

trucking company, most trucks don't have AC in them, by law not required. But STILL, we're out working in the sun, then have to get in an even hotter truck the whole day. Solution to them is "drink lots of water to not get heat stroke" F off

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