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TEXT TOPIC: What weird place did you fall asleep?

I fell asleep at a Jazz game

On a strangers shoulder on the airplane. I'm a 42 year old woman and this guy was probably early 20's. Oh and my husband was sitting on the aisle across from me and just laughed when he saw. Luckily I didn't drool on him.

I was 37 years old, 8 months pregnant and took my 12 yr old daughter to the orthodontist and fell asleep in the waiting room - needless to say, my daughter was mortified when the orthodontist had to wake me up to update me on her progress!

I fell asleep in my high school history class. My teacher tipped me over in my desk, and I fell out onto the floor🤣🤣🤣🤣 Love the guy still. Thanks Wade

Fell asleep during yoga and started snoring! Worst part was when someone in class woke me up I said "I'm not sleeeping!" Why do we automatically deny it???

so my ex fell asleep in our marriage counseling session. Like passed out, I had to shake him awake. I unfortunately stayed another 2 years. But that was our last session and I was beyond embarrassed and the counselors face was priceless. I can laugh about it now

I insisted on being a part of "boys night" so that I could meet my boyfriends friends. I ended up falling asleep in the theater for most of the movie. Then my BF had to take me home so they cancelled the rest of the plans for the night.

I fell asleep in the front row of Sunday School while my friend was teaching the lesson. She called me out by asking me to read scripture. I heard my name & jolted awake. I was embarrassed and mad at her

in high school a friend got midnight opening night tickets to lord of the rings. I fell asleep pronto because... boring 😂 He is obsessed and was legitimately mad at me for months for wasting a ticket.

ive fallen asleep at the bar a few times... one resulted in my friends having to carry me out and i ended up 86ed from that bar for a while LOL

I love symphony music so I went to one in downtown salt lake about 10 years ago. Had a great time but fell asleep halfway through it. It just put me at ease and put me to sleep

fell asleep on a movie date with my now husband during the most boring movie ever called Cloud Atlas. I felt so bad and thought oh no he won’t date me again! Lol after the movie he confessed he nodded off too:) meant to be

I fell asleep in the middle of group therapy

Fell asleep in yoga and a toot that sounded like a clap snuck out

fell asleep at one of the Star Wars movies. Those movies can be pretty loud. I was on a date with some guy and after the movie he said how could you fall asleep during that movie it was so loud. And I said I was really tired because I had work that day. He never called me again LOL

When I was a kid I fell asleep in a chair and fell off while my uncle was cutting my hair and he F'd up my hair. To this day I'm scared to fall asleep in a chair

Disney World. Both of us fell asleep in the muppets theater thing and an usher had to wake us up because it was over and people were leaving

I fell asleep on DISNEYLAND! I took an hour and a half nap. Right it Bug's life. People thought I was drunk. My friend that was with me just laughed at me.

had a therapist fall asleep during our session

Fell asleep during...umm..."play time". Hubby will never let me live it down

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