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TEXT TOPIC: What weird health issues are you dealing with right now?

Weird health issue I have an enlarged spleen. Doctors gage no idea why it's enlarged I'm super healthy and it doesn't run in my family. It causes me to bruise really easily and I get light headed a lot. It's annoying for sure

I have an excessive build up of bacteria on my tongue and yellow film in the morning and sometimes throughout the day , it causes some bad breath #mouthbreather and it's hard to scrub off sometimes so I think I have to go to the emt to get anti pills

If I'm not cold I swell up and are just miserably hot and get chest palpitations. It has to be in the 50s or lower for me to be comfortable. No one can figure out why.

possible Ménière's disease. Causes hearing loss, ear ringing and episodes of vertigo. Had episodes lately and just made a follow up appt with the doc.

my son has gastroparesis which makes it so that he can't move food through his stomach. Meds help, but we still haven't gotten a long-term fix.. It makes being an athlete very difficult.

I woke up one day (I was 31) with double vision. Went to the eye doc, they looked at me and said it's a brain tumor rushed over to MRI within an hour. It's called Sixth nerve palsy and turns out I had a viral infection that caused it less than 5% of people get it from that. Typically comes from a brain tumor. Hardest time of my life!! Fixed its self in 6 months.

I've talked to you about this before but for a weird health condition I found out last year that I only have one kidney and one ovary. I've had this on my whole life. My doctor says it's a good thing that I've been healthy and that I had the three kids that I have. I don't think I ever would have known this had I not had a hysterectomy.

I had a headache/ migraine for 3 months. After 5 mri, 3 cat scans and 5 doctors later I found out I have Chiari malformation.

I have a cyst on my pituitary gland (rathke's cleft cyst) it causes my body think I'm pregnant causing infertility problems. Never would have found it if we didn't want kids

I hurt myself bowling of all things. Went bowling Friday and woke up Saturday with an excruciating headache. It ended up lasting 2 weeks. During those 2 weeks I started seeing double and went to a couple different optometrists but neither could say definitively what was wrong. After many chiropractic treatments, it just went back to normal

like Justin Bieber, I was recently diagnosed with Bell's Palsy! I was sick with some viral infection about a month ago, and then 2 weeks later it manifested itself with facial paralysis! So wild!

my heart goes from 45 to 105 plus anytime I go from sitting to standing or any position to another. I've had it my whole life but they are more concerned now. I passed out and had a small seizure two weeks ago at work first night training :/ they don't know what it is but I'm still dizzy and get vertigo when I move to fast

PMDD is a real bitch!! (Get it 😉) It sucks!! It's like an out of body level of emotion - rage/crying/impatient. I see myself being an a-hole but literally cannot help it.

I was diagnosed with CIU (Cold Induced Urticaria). Which means I have an allergic reaction to the cold! I found out when I was 29 years old 6 months after my second child when I went outside to shovel snow and ended up coming inside with hundreds of hives covering my body and it looked like I had a severe sunburn.

I also have cold urticaria. It showed up after I had a bad virus. Now even cold drinks or air conditioning makes me itchy or causes hives. Have tried medicine. Only shots are left to try.

years back I got a ulcer on my cornea from something getting on my contacts the doctor said if I would've waited one more day to come in. The bacteria would've completely eaten through my cornea

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