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TEXT TOPIC: What is your physical hang up?

My physical Hangup is my legs. All my life I've been told my legs are chicken legs by my family. Started going to the gym to grow my leg muscle and now they are giving me crap for going to the gym I just can win lol

I sweat wayyy too much on my face. It has always mortified me and affected my job. On the plus side, I've been able to convince my insurance to pay for my Botox procedures to treat it haha

the c section pooch! No matter what I do I can't get rid of it! It sucks!

I hate my toes! I have hammer toes, that I got from my dad, who got them from my grandma. Luckily mine aren't as bad as hers, but it makes me self-conscious wearing sandals or getting pedis.

I am a VERY small petite woman. I'm an alcohol syndrome baby. I'm skinny and wish I could gain weight. I work out and eat but still stay skinny. I wish I could wear shorts and cute short dresses but my insecurity of this bony body keeps me from doing it.

Can't stand my legs. Going from obese to a fairly normal weight my legs look awful. Won't wear short shorts or swim suits w/o shorts.

My double chin. I look like Jabba the Hut.

the right side of my Rib Cage didn't grow in proportion to the left side during puberty so the left side stuck out farther than the right as a teen, you can't really tell now in my 40s but it still bugs me

Hate how short I am... 5'4" would have been a dream!

insecure about my teeth and smile, so all my pics look like I'm grimacing while having a stroke because I don't like to smile.

Where do we start 😂 #1 forehead. Always felt it is big. #2 nose, has a little bump in the middle. #3, tummy. Always had a tummy even when everywhere else is skinny.

have a smile face fat log. It's been like that since I was a kid. It causes other medical problems, especially when it gets hot. Trying to convince my insurance to pay to remove it.

my bunions and my tortilla butt!!

I don't like my face sometimes it looks to skinny then other times it looks chubby and add on the butt chin (I call it an ass face) it just makes it worse

I HATE my cowlick!!!!

have huge quads,calves. But I'm knock kneed..

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