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TEXT TOPIC: What is your Passive Agressive text?

dear boss you say I am a mean girl and that I "forget" to send someone an email when in fact I am not the one being communicated with and you won't do anything about it instead you make sure the person is covered and no one can touch her, you want to know why there is mass exist? It's you and the toxic work environment

Ugh drive thru tipping drives me insane. I always feel like I'm required to tip when they tell me it's "totally optional."

hey HR Dept at the lab, stop stealing a paycheck! You're never there so the rest of the office gets asked several times a day HR questions!! You suck so bad we were better off with no one than you!!

just because you are 18 and graduated from high school does not mean you are queen of the world. You still live under my roof. You still have your cell phone paid for and car insurance paid for. Wait a minute it's my car! Have some respect!

to the guy who has the loudest muffler ever on his car and revs it up at 6:30 every morning as loud as possible, keep your garage closed while you do that or get a quieter car

the road up to the capitol... I understand construction but it's been blocked off forever now.

hey dude- just bc I didn't comment on your comment on my Facebook post doesn't mean you did anything wrong. Grow Up & don't be so insecure!

It can take time off you guys gave me the PTO so don't cry about it when I take an extra day and then say that I have so much work to do why don't you actually train somebody else to help me and not just myself. But you know that I always give a 110% and get it done within the day or 2 of coming back

Local tanker driver here, see those little colorful lids at the gas station? Stop parking on them! That is how we deliver the fuel and don't you dare tell me that I'm in your way!

2 the person who Stole my son's towel yesterday at the pool I hope u feel good abt ur self u STOLE from a 4yr old his FAVORITE baby Yoda towel JERK!!

don't accept a spot on the team and then ghost us. Let's be adults people.

hey mother-in-law I can't deal with your legal troubles you have to be a big girl and do it yourself

Talking about neighbors! I have a neighbor that makes herself present every single time when I have company when I entertain them in my back patio. She's not only drunk every time she wants to talk to my company. She doesn't even know them!! Plus she takes hubby away by asking him questions about my company. I'm so ready to tell her to shut THE F UP!!

People when you are out at night on your evening walk please wear some reflective clothing so drivers can see you.

you’re my best friend. I’ve told you I can’t do a relationship with anyone. From the beginning. Why isn’t friendship good enough? Relationship isn’t a “never” but you act like if we won’t date, our friendship isn’t good enough.

Coworker stop getting miffed at me for not showing up early 2 hours everyday. Coverage is a boss problem, not mine. You choose never to take time off, not my fault.

Apartments stop thinking everyone has all the money in the world to only pay rent. Not everyone can live with the states help. Some of us live pay check to pay check

Stop with micromanaging we are adults and we do our job there's no reason we need to send a daily report Aaaahhhh!

when you are late its all good. But when I am i don't get talked to

Relative, quit stealing petty cash from your work and then telling us about! I am going to report you.

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