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TEXT TOPIC: What is your Passive Agressive Text for us this week?

an 81yr old woman starting chemo & her 87yr old disabled spouse. Wut a trbl business invest, bridge property U should evict them remodel so u can raise the rent. O wait u did

Your brother is my boyfriend not yours so stop showing up on our dates and interrupting our personal life

Dear wife...I have to train 16 girls with different personalities and levels of experience... while also doing the balancing act of team chemistry. Please don't tell me come down hard on them to set the tone when you've always played non-team sports. I've been doing this for 17 years and a .800 win percentage. We're good!

stop talking about our personal fight at work to our coworkers! Your messing with my living and I will not be nice if something happens to my living

I'm with you Jess! Every time I see an out of state license plate I think GO BACK HOME! There is no more room for you here!!

it sucks we broke up and it really hurts my hear, but it's worse the fact you lied to me about the reason. Just be honest about it, I'd take honestly over a lie anyday

Bill. You are a jerk and treat my mom like crap. She is so out of your league it's unreal. You're rude, disrespectful and don't deserve my mom. I look forward to the day she divorces you and throws your lazy, freeloading ass to the curb!

dear HR don't tell me your going to keep everything confidential with what I tell you and then turn around and give the ENTIRE conversation to my boss and write me up. Shows where the loyalty lies

Yes I'm looking for a new job. I need to think of my health and well being. When I get bullied at work and nobody cares. Just stop


If something is not your contract...it shouldn't be enforced. Stop being sneaky and taking more of our money, Karen!

If you gonna ride my butt on the freeway you better be ready to drive slower because I'm not gonna budge till you move. There if no reason to participate in the freeway 1000

there is a reason employees keep leaving our department. 3 are leaving this months alone and it's because of management and low pay. Get it together. 50% why employees leave is because if their boss.

stop talking crap about your old team. You left them so don't make our team miserable by still talking about how bad you think your old team was. WE DON'T CARE!

Hey grown ass brothers who live with our parents: Dad just had a stroke, get off your asses & help out! Get jobs & stop mooching off our parents!

dear soon to be ex wife, JUST SIGN THE DIVORCE PAPERS I HATE YOU!!!!

stop cutting truckers off to get into the lane and then slam on your brakes. Our trucks don't stop on a dime and could cause very serious injuries

I just wanted to celebrate Half-Christmas in the office but you had to go to HR because Jesus was not born in June. Well he wasn't born in December either! Get over yourself!

How about moving over into the right lane if cars are going faster than you on the freeway instead of hanging out and letting cars get stuck behind you!?!?

If I'm gonna help you move. And you don't even offer me a cold beverage during her afterwards for this free service. You better bet your butt I'm going to give you advice on where to put things And how to lift so you don't strain your back, and I don't have to help you your next move

I've been screaming for help the past 2 years. Working on all vacations, and we just finally got backup. Now you ask why things are behind. I hope the company I've been interviewing with offers. Deuces if/when they do.

In response to the HR confidentiality frustration, when we are hired in an HR position we do have to keep the company needs, success, and policies at the fore front of our mind. If what you bring to us in HR affects the company, it needs to go to your supervisor for corrective action. HR is confidential..... To an extent. We are hired by the company to protect the company and be a support to the team members, not to be a silent therapist.

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