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TEXT TOPIC: What is your Dirty Little Secret?

15 years ago I got a gift from an ex for Valentines. I regifted it to a girl I was dating. It was our second date. She is now my wife of 13 years and doesn't know.

dirty secret im an IT computer guy. My ex wife cheated on me at the beginning of the pandemic. We divorced. To get back at her I waited for several months, I would post listings on fb market and Craigs list. that she was doing certain services if you know what I mean. I covered my tracks.-- im the IT guy and my other dirty secret with my ex is that I did an amber heard except it was in her cat litter, I was able to hide that was because I had an extra she want aware that I had. Kinda like Frankie I would torment my ex wife. Never hurt her physically but I did other things.

only a handful of people know I'm an onlyfans girl

I've been in a committed relationship with my husband AND a beautiful woman for over ten years. Yes, same bed, all 3-poor hubby gets benefits AND nagging from two wives. I play a monogamous business professional at work. My family and close friends do know. Love you guys!

Had an affair with a guy that served in the bishopric with my husband. We broke it off last year in May after 2 years of having the affair. Everyone thinks we're done, but we've secretly reconnected again and are contemplating getting "back" together.

dirty little secret a boyfriend gave me a beautiful cozy blanket for Christmas... then I broke up with him. Now my husband (of 15 years) and I use the blanket as a sex blanket... he has no idea

We started an emotional affair, got caught, split w our s/o's and now we've started a relationship but everybody thinks it ended

Dirty little secret: I had an affair with a guy 15 years younger than me for a year or so. He was 21 I was 36. It's a secret because he was the son of one of my good friends. We've vowed she can NEVER know.

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