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TEXT TOPIC: What bugs you about your neighbor?

my issue with my neighbor is just want her to wear a bra, and when she is not wearing one please don't wear a white tshirt. I would appreciate it.

my neighbor has a bajillion cars, and a truck they can't move on the street. I had tenants moving in. The city tearing up the street for construction. Neighbor parked in MY driveway before tenants moved in. Tenant parked on the street and his car got hit! It's not my fault your yard is a junkyard! Keep your cars out of my driveway!

We got new neighbors across from us, they are a YOUNG couple. There is always extra people coming and going, that I can deal with. But leaving your garbage cans out for 5 days! Obit his in our white street, which is full of elderly people too. Infuriating

well we have neighbors that are running a construction business trucks and trailers and cars parked everywhere on street, then the streets are not wide its annoying as hell when u can't see around the corners

my older neighbor called me to ask if I heard about the fight he had with his wife. Then proceeded to tell me all about it and his anger issues. I ended the phone call very quickly.

our neighbors dog bark at us every time we go in the backyard. I agree with Jess, the late night barking needs to stop!!

Neighbor constantly has outdoor movie nights or night games that last until midnight and slams their gate which very close to my twins' room.

my neighbors have a huge pine tree that is on the property line. It's constantly dripping sap on my vehicles and has killed 1/2 my yard. Pine needles are EVERYWHERE

the issue I have with my neighbor is that he flirts big time with my wife but won't do anything about it. Get her to cheat on me so that I can get out of this relationship!!! I don't know how to leave on my own because my kids need me. I know, screwed up AF!

There is ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING where we rent. Says in the lease. Our neighbors downstairs constantly smoked. After numerous attempts to let the leasing office know, nothing. So we threatened a lawyer and contacted upper management & they're finally gone. They would purposefully blow smoke our way. Good riddance, JERKS!

my downstairs neighbors are neurotic. They bang and pound our floors (their ceiling) with a broomstick when we just walk by, and have stood outside our door screaming "shut up!" And "I'm gonna kill you!" We had the cops finally pay them a visit last week. Apartment life is FUN!

We offered our neighbor some eggs and now they expect them. They just say, "I'm going to need some eggs, I have two left."

neighbor down the street started parking in front of our house, for weeks at a time. Wrapped it in shrink wrap the last time, and it got towed. Sorry not sorry.

my parents have a neighbor who runs a business from their home which is against the HOA and they always park in front of my parents house even thought their driveway is clear

my business partner had neighbors where they would call and report everything, would scream at her dogs anytime they were outside and then complain about them barking at them, and at night they'd be outside and you can hear them talking if the windows are open. Did take listening to much to realize that they're total white supremacists. They finally moved suddenly a few weeks ago, best day ever.

neighbors that complained and turned us in to code enforcement for tiny things. We moved and the new people that moved in I guess are much "worse" than us. You get what ya get!

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