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TEXT TOPIC: Was a famous person staying at the same hotel as you?

Chris Powell and his ex Heidi were at our hotel in Hawaii. He's so yummy in person but I was definitely too intimidated to say hello.

I saw Shock G at the hotel my friend was staying at when I went to visit her. He took pictures with us and invited us up to his room. In his room, he had all the mirrors covered, had a grand piano in there, & tons of boxes of rice Krispy treats. He said he craves those when he gets the munchies. Lol. I was shook when I heard of his death a month later. I know who dealt him the drugs he ODed on

we stayed at the Disneys Aulani resort in Oahu Hawaii, we saw Sterling Brown, who played Randall from this is us.

in 2019 Bernie Sanders stayed at the hotel my husband works at downtown salt lake

stayed at the HardRock hotel in Vegas and Enrique Iglesias we happen to be on the same floor. And I'm FL stayed at a Disney resort and the Harlem Globetrotters

A couple of years ago we were staying in Laughlin. A couple of hours before a concert, we got in the elevator with...wait for it Jess...Steppenwolf : ) awesome!

used to work at a hotel in Ogden. Meet Michael Damian and Micky Dolenz. Both were ego maniacs. Michael refused to sign his restaurant tab he wanted billed to his room because we would steal the receipt with his signature for an autograph. Micky thought he was God's gift to women and was just super inappropriate and gross!

My daughter wentt to Mykonos with a friend 10 years ago. The famous poker player, Phil Ivey was staying in the same hotel. Partied with him. He offered them the penthouse suite including any room service and spa/salon services.

in 2004 my brother was working at death valley national park hotel. He was waiting for elevator to open. Out walks first lady laura bush.

stayed at Bacara Resort in Santa Barbara CA back in 2006 because I was in the top 100 at my company. While at the resort we saw Benjamin Brst and Julia Robert's BUT, I happened to physically run in to Travis Barker on accident and he was super chill about it… I froze like a kid🤦🏻‍♀️ i couldn’t talk, I couldn’t walk, I was officially star struck! And he was my celebrity crush! 🤪 I then saw his wife at the time (shanna) at the pool and was def not a fan (I was in “teenage” love with Travis!

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