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TEXT TOPIC: Is your spouse always late? Are you the late one?

my husband is always late and I'm always early. I prefer 10-15 minutes early. Being on time for my husband is like 30 minutes late 🙄 for everything!

I'm on time, my boyfriend on the other hand. Doesn't not believe in time. He is slower then molasses. Drives me nuts

my wife is always late and it drives me nuts. I have told her if she passes first I am going to make sure her funeral starts 15 late...

I am the early bird and Kevin is the late one. He is on his own time and doesn't care! Drives me nuts!!! Rhonda

I'm on time, husband is late. He's Mexican & we joke he runs on Mexican time. We agreed late for his fam events & early for mine

I'm early and the hubby is late but denies it daily. The only time I'm late and drag my wagon is when we're heading to the in-laws to visit.

I don't mean to be late, it kind of just happens most of the time. I try to get ready earlier but with my ADHD I always think I can get something extra done or my social anxiety flares up. It sucks.

It's me. I'm always late. I have no regrets

in the military they say if you are 10 minutes early you are 5 minutes late. My wife says if she is 10 minutes early she's on time. I wish at least we could be 10 minutes late.

My husband is always early to work but late and on his own time for anything outside of work. I am right on time for work/ never early but early to everything outside of life.

I am always the late one, boyfriend is on time! But for work I'm early personal I'm late. It's weird I know

Learned: When you are late you tell me your time is more important to mine. Makes me mindful of others time.

my wife is the late one. Always late, about 30 + minutes. If she is 10 minutes late she walks in all excited announcing who she is not so late, to the point I'm expecting a parade, awards and a speech like at the red carpet.

My husband's maternal grandpa gave us the advice to be at least 30 to 45 mins early because he did you never know what will happen in your way. You could get a flat tire, accident, etc. That always stuck with us. One time it came true, our car had a flat on the way but still made our appt on time. Thank you grandpa. RIP

to the 30-40 minute early people. When going to someone's home being too early is BAD! It puts the host in a very akward position if they're not ready. So there's that!

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