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TEXT TOPIC: Do you have a life hack you want to share?

My life hack is cleaning stainless steel with furniture spray and a micro fiber cloth work great!!

I learned from Tiktok but the saying "don't put it down, put it away" helps me to keep my house clean.

When you fill up your kids pool this summer and it's freezing forever, lay out a black garbage bag on top for a few minutes it'll warm it right up!!

You can buy air fryer liners on Amazon. Gone are the days of cleaning that thing out between every use!

life hack: I break off the clip part of hangers attached to new clothing and use them as bag/food clips

life hack: instead of stabbing an avocado seed, after cutting a ripe avocado into 2 piece, gently squeeze the sides and the seed will literally pop out!

use window washer fluid from your car, slightly diluted to clean glass and mirrors inside, works better than winded and protects

create a Monday ritual that makes you happy to start the week off right and helps with the “Sunday Blues”. It's helped me a lot.

I use the closet hanger for shoes when we are camping. I hang it from the tent for paper towels, cooking utensils, snacks, drinks, anything to keep off tables or from blowing away

don't have a can opener? Slowly grind the TOP of the van across cement, it will wear off the top lip of the can, use cloth to clean off excess shavings and remove lid with out cutting hand

batteries dead in smoke alarm? Just set out a bag of popcorn instead. When you hear crackling, grab your popcorn and get the hell out

to get more juice out of your lemons or limes, microwave it for 15 seconds, then roll it back and forth on the counter a few times.. then cut and squeeze!

For people with ADHD, keep a basket near the stairs to collect stuff to take to a different level in your home. It definitely helps because if you're like me, you go downstairs and then realize you forgot what you meant to take down

life hack when your outside put paper plates in a plastic magazine holder they won't blow away

Bruhs, you can use chips to start a fire 🔥. The greasier the chip, the better. And use vaseline and cotton balls to start a for if it rains a lot where you live. It's waterproof and really works

peanut butter gets gum out of hair. Great for girls long hair.

use a pizza cutter to cut up pancakes. Use wd40 to shine up bronze headstones at a cemetery. They look brand new!

if you need to vacuum and don't want to suck up something large, put pantyhose over the nozzle of the vacuum

dryer lint is another easy fire starter. (PSA clean your dryer's lint trap every time you use the dryer)

life hack. Don't throw away those dryer sheets. They are awesome for dusting and they are also a good fire starter.

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