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TEXT TOPIC: What did your pet ruin?

my plants. My kitty has killed all of my plants.


My dog got my envelope of savings bonds. I had about $1000.


So I got a beautiful minky Blanket and I was so excited! My cat just had to be a jerk and puke all over it.


threw-up entire breakfast on my nice dining room carpet after swallowing one of my hair ties. Thank goodness... saved us 1000$ surgery. And he's currently sleeping on my chest. 40 lb. lapdog.


my dog chewed apart my passport after my trip to Europe


my border collie lab mix ate my sons school lanyard. How?!?! That made for an extremely weird looking bowel movement.!!!It came out in tact.


My dog chewed into our furnace. He was fine. My wallet was not.

My dog has eaten parts of not one, but TWO Minky blankets


My stepdad told us that he had dog ones that chewed apart a metal bowl and one of those metal chain links


my super cute beagle mix decided she was hungry and chewed my Invisalign's up nothing left


Hannah Hart pitbull dog. Ate a lawn mower and a box of wood screws. Was so proud of herself



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