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TEXT TOPIC: Have you been Shhhh'd? Did you Shhhh someone?

I had to shush a man in a movie theater 5 or so times for talking during the movie. He called me a b-word so I got up and got the manager to remove him


I shushed my husband last night. He was snoring on the couch extra loud and I couldn't hear the tv so I shushed him as loud as I could


I shh’ed people at church. The speaker was up there talking. So rude. Told them to go talk somewhere else


My dietary staff was shushed at work from the LDS services because they were being too loud while washing dishes


My twin two year old granddaughter’s 🤫 me when I sing during their show. It’s so funny


Felt like I was in a movie. Was asked to join a Sr meeting because of knowledge about the client. Half way in I started to offer up some advice and was sushed by my manager. He got a stern look from the Sr Dir and they let me proceed with my idea. They ended up going with it and now everyone bypasses my manager for advice on other clients. I'm insulated from my manager now. Feels good.



I have shushed my wife. When I'm marking out with you, I don't want any talking, it's just weird.


I swear, everytime I go to the movies these days, I'm shushing someone. People just don't get that during the movie is not the time to chit chat.


I feel bad because I'm the one that's shushed someone recently. It's my fiancé and he talks during the movies at the movie theater and it's not like he's whispering. Ive tried to let it go over the past few years but occasionally I try to politely tell him to shush


we were newlyweds sitting in church & I was trying to talk to my husband the whole time (which is what my family would do, talk all through church loudly). He shushed me, I was so pissed but now have more self awareness

I have a very vivid experience as a 3rd grader getting shushed and yelled at in front of the whole class because my friend and I were cleaning our painting supplies at the sink and didn't hear everyone else calming down. I was a very shy kid and ran out of the room crying and embarrassed. Im 21 now and it's still a vivid experience


My 11 yr old daughter has shushed me for years. Good thing she's adorable!

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