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TEXT TOPIC: Did you give someone an ultimatum? Did someone give you one?

she said it's me or the motorcycle. I've never been more happy riding every weekend lol jk good morning and happy Thursday


just had this issue in February, husband made TikTok his number one priority and started calling them his family over me, we had a huge blow up fight and didn't talk for a few days I stayed at my parents house during this time. I asked if we were done with our marriage he said no told him in order for this to work TikTok had to go away 


When my husband and I were first dating, he was best friends with an ex mistress of his. I told him that if he chose her it wasn't going to work out with us. So, he decided to end their "friendship" and here we are married seven years later.


I have an ultimatum this year. After 10 years of marriage and consistent mental and emotional abuse he gives me, I finally told him if he doesn't go to counseling with me. And make changes. I can't do it anymore. It's too damaging. It's been 3 weeks and he's making huge leaps to change.


my ultimatum for my husband was to get his anger issues under control. He swear, yell, throw and break things etc. He has made a sincere effort.


gave an ultimatum to give up porn and get help cause it was making him angry and violent. Give it up or me and our newborn were gone. He gave up the porn.


Wife gave me the ultimatum to go church or she's leaving. I went to church and now I'm the Bishop.


back when Facebook chat was a thing, my fiancé & a few of his exes would chat in a toxic way. I told him he needed to be done with them completely or I’m gone. We’ve been married for 13 years.


I gave my baby daddy a ultimatum to stop drinking turns out he just got better at lying, he got a DUI when I was five months pregnant with our second child, A month after she was born he was passed out drunk while on probation. A few more things went down before he was able to move out, it's been almost 3 years I'm in a happy relationship with someone else, and we are growing our coparenting relationship every day, as far as I can tell he hardly drinks now and is fixing his life.


I was dating a married guy for years. He kept saying he would leave his wife and didn't because he didn't want to lose visitation privileges with his son. I gave him an ultimatum and he stayed in the marriage. At the same time, I had a missionary out that I was "waiting for". He was aware of the married guy. He got home and gave ME the ultimatum to no longer even speak to married guy. "Him or me." I chose my missionary and we got married a few months later. The married guy snuck in to our reception and gave my house key to the videographer to give to me.


told ex to get his crap together. 1 week later he lost his job & we were done yet I met my dead husband thru him that I had 18&1/2 wonderful yrs together.


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