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TEXT TOPIC: You didn't ask for an autograph or pic and you regret it!

Mehmet Okur! My favorite Utah jazz player. I saw him at the airport. I wish I had asked for a photo

Lou ferrigno. Ptld airport several years ago. I took a pic from across the room but couldn't find the courage to go say hi

Saw Coolio in the SL airport. Didn't get a chance to get a picture. He was a lot shorter than I thought

I saw nick cannon at Disneyland in 2017 in one of the gift shops. Thought about going up, but figured we should let him enjoy his time with his girlfriend.

I saw Alex Cabrero at a Subway getting lunch.

O-town was on my flight. I was a teen and way too nervous to say anything but they were all gorgeous and my brother kept loudly saying isn't that the guy on your wall?!

I also saw Aaron Paul at the pancake house in McCall idaho. I was so star struck and wanted to say hi, but he was with his wife and cute little girl.

Sammy Hagar in Reno and just froze as he and the Waboritas walked past me

nick simons, gene simons son (from kiss) walking in Vegas

I saw Travis barker in Disneyland. Totally noticed my expression of shock. I should have approached him but I didn't wait to bother him. Ughhh

Saw Jay Z, Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson at Disneyland last month with their kids. Snapped a picture of them but didn't want to go up to them as no one else around me noticed and I didn't want to be THAT person. I was freaking out inside though

In October I was in Disneyworld with my boyfriends family and my boyfriends brother accidentally shoulder checked someone. And my boyfriends mom realized it was Norman Reedus from the Walking Dead! My boyfriends mom was so excited but didn't ask for an autograph or photo.

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