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TEXT TOPIC: What are you roommate horror stories?

had a roommate who gave my food away too the Neighbor in exchange for drugs. Needless to say had to hide my food

Lived with two very entitled roommates that were just disgusting. Shirtless popping bloody zits and getting it on the furniture, chasing each other with cups of their own urine...I lasted a month and got out of my contract. Their dad was rich and they didn't care what they caused for those around them

bf had a roommate, he ate ALL the food. wouldn't clean dishes would leave them "soaking" for days sometimes he would just buy new ones while they "soaked" he would eat MY leftovers when I would spend the night the and he would spend the rent money on weed and smoke it all up in days and don't get me started on how many times he tried walking in on me naked! It's not an accident when it happens Multiple times!

My roommate would have loud kinky sex until 1AM keeping us all up

roommate did laundry and apparently their kid pooped the bed. They but all of the bedding in the washer and did not wipe the poop up or anything so the washer had poop particles all over it and smelled. It was their house but I. Put my foot down and made them clean it and do a load of laundry with their clothes to make sure it was gone. It took over a week for it all

had a roommate that would wear my clothes when I was gone and sneak them back in my closet but they would stink and have pit stains

had a shared room roommate that said she was a blackbelt and her family knew chuck Norris. Said she could kill me in my sleep.

roommate also put bleach in the other roommates fish bowl because she didn't want her to have a fish

have you guys watched worst roommate ever on Netflix? Wild.

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