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TEXT TOPIC: What does your spouse do in the bedroom that is a turn off?

A big turn off for me is that my wife says I have to ask every time I want to touch her even when we get intimate so I am always walking on egg shells around her even outside the bedroom. Our sex life is a big fat zero because of it.

turn off is him putting his fingers in my mouth.. what is that? How is that sexy? I don't even want my own fingers in my mouth

Yes, he exists.

my husband ALWAYS says "can I slip in the back" UGH no stop!

my husband will fart in bed like he's been saving it up ALL day. I've decided its his mating call.

Babe your not my Dad. Quit calling yourself Daddy

I used to do the Bill Cosby voice asking my girl if she wanted my puddin pop to initiate our freaky time. Killed the mood after all the weird story's started to come to light about Bill. Needless to say I don't do it anymore lol

my man always throws me on top, while I do like that position… not everytime. It would be nice to switch it up and have him do some of the work sometimes.

Turn off: not a husband but a hookup I had gave me a full on wet Willie with their tongue

my hubby seems like he wants to touch the back of my throat with his tongue and he just goes straight to the finale no kissing or touching love him but is boring lol

I was role-playing teacher student with my fiance and he said at least I'm not your ethics professor. We both couldn't stop laughing. It was horrible but at least he knew it was horrible

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