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TEXT TOPIC: Who ignored your wedding wishes?

my freaking brothers girlfriend wore white and I SPECIFICALLY asked everyone to wear black

my wedding colors were black grey and white. I told my mother in law to have her nails done in grey or Nude only. She showed up with 1 nail on each hand bright red.

One of my bridesmaids decided that the dress I had chosen for everyone that made her look fat so she did some modifications on it on her own without telling me! She showed up on the day of the wedding in the line with a completely different dress!

My mother in law kept pushing for her middle school daughter and her friends to play violins at the reception as the guests entered. Although I loved my sister in law, I wanted the music to be a bit more professional and politely kept saying no thank you. My mother in law had all the girls bring their instruments in secret and they just suddenly began playing. That was 20 years ago and it still makes me angry.

I told my bridesmaids to wear a little black dress. My sis in law came in a black gown with a huge train and plunging neckline.

an elopement. I wanted a small elopement with my husband's parents and siblings. As well as my siblings and parents, but my mother-in-law decided to message everyone in her family about the arrangement and so it turned out to be a big house party.

I wanted a small wedding on beach (Seattle as my in laws lived there) But my mom threw a fit so we decided to do a court house wedding here it still wasn't good enough as my whole family couldn't come as I have big family. I just wanted like a bbq/restaurant dinner afterwards. Nope my mom took over did a reception and hired the photographer. It was miserable, nothing was about us. We have no photos and I came out being ungrateful for it all

my family is toxic as eff. We got secretly married so it wouldn't be a hot mess and my family disowned me because I didn't involve them

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