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TEXT TOPIC: What's on your Radar?

Trust no one The hunt for the crypto King- Netflix

Alisa Childers – podcast and Instagram

Brooker’s Ice Cream

I LOVE WONDERMIND. They just sent their first newsletters out!

On my radar a show called The Chosen. It's a show about Christ, it's done differently than any other Jesus show it makes him feel so real and you can see yourself in his followers. Episode 1 is kind of hard to get through but it's worth it after that!

The old show Caroline one the city with Lea Thompson

@doc_doggy_desserts on instagram. Small Utah business that makes cute homemade all natural dog treats and handmade dog bandannas and collars in fun patterns! Check them out, totally worth it!

I am loving volunteering at the animal rescue in Davis county! Those sweet animals need love and forever homes!

I'm late to the game but Yellowstone show, I'm addicted!

peaky blinders on Netflix

on my radar is Utah school of phlebotomy! Just started the 6 week course and the teacher is amazing. She is hands on so just did my first needle in a vein two classes in. I'm super excited to learn and grow.

the new hive brand at the Holiday gas stations. Only 2 I have found so far HAVE CHAI 😍 🤤 both on 90th South. One on 13th West an the other on State street. Obsessed.

tinder swindler on Netflix

Wayne dyer is on my radar as well

The TV show Life In Pieces. Oh so funny!!!

YES! YES! YES! The Chosen is REALLY, REALLY good. Enjoy Jess when you watch it. And have tissues ready. I cried the first episode and have cried every episode. Lol

Tyler Henrys "life after death" on netflix!! Am obsessed with him.

The Dropout on Hulu. It's Amanda Seyfried who plays the Elizabeth Holmes that lied to investors for Theranos and got millions without actually having the machine work. It's an amazing story! Love it!!!!

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