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TEXT TOPIC: What is your Passive Agressive text?

hey Brian I know you got the job cause you're dad owns it but I just dated you just so he could give me a 2k bonus you're a narcissist and rude

Dear neighbor, revving your engine at 6 in the morning like an alarm clock is not okay. We get it, you think your car is cool, we don't care!

if u are the assistant to the big boss u probably shouldn't be as big of a jerk as u are. Interacting with the WHOLE firm is ur job. Stop being a B.

to the guy in the tiny white car, if you are in the right lane you are going to be behind the slower people, especially in a rain/snow storm. Calm me your face, it’s freaking Tuesday

Mike. Ghosting at your age? Really? 61 and you don’t have the balls?

If you are an hour late to dinner yes we have ordered. You didn't reply back to texts or calls informing us if you are on the way. We are hungry. It's not the waiters fault he got busy and couldn't take your order the second you got there. The world doesn't revolve around you mom. This is on you

I drive a mail truck you wouldn't believe how many ppl just STOP in the MIDDLE of the roads or stay at stop signs I come up behind them &they have NO IDEA

I tried to ask you what was wrong, as you sat there with a sad, pouty look on your face. I asked you at LEAST 3 times and you said "Nothing, I'm fine, I'm good". Then you went to our friends and talked smack about me about how I didn't care you were going thru a hard time. Good thing for me, our friends know how YOU REALLY are and how you are self centered and create drama and tell lies. I'm done with you. And I'm pretty sure the rest are too. Bye Felicia

when my grown ass roommate goes out of town and leaves a sink full of HIS dirty dishes. Every. Single. Time. Come the F on, man!!

if you ask me to come into the office so assist you (when I'm not your assistant) but I come on anyway to help, and you spend the 5 hours explaining what you want instead of letting me work. You waisted my time and yours. I'm now behind in my work. Many thanks

To my cousins ex wife-I didn't ruin your marriage with my cousin, you 2 did. Cheating and fight had nothing to do with me. Because my cousin came to me for advice and I told him to leave your crazy ass, isn't my fault. Take accountability Rhonda! You look like the Cynthia doll from Rugrats

dear neighbors in the bright blue house. Please change your ways. Teach your kids to be polite, turn down their music, and respect others. Maybe some parenting would help.

to the black RAV4 weaving in and out of traffic on the 215 and foothill slamming on your brakes in front of vehicles and not using turn signals we see you and we all hope you get massive diarrhea in your car

Hey Elizabeth, there's a reason why we aren't married ANYMORE. I pay for the boys' phone. I make the parental codes. IF you want the code-then pay half the phone bill or get one yourself for him and stop trying to get into my phone account to see who I call. We've been divorced for 13yrs.

grocery store shoppers, be KIND! My cart didn't mean to get in your way, don't roll your eyes at me when I apologized!

to the dude at Maverick on 17th n redwood don't freaking start backing out and then pull back in and sit there for a few minutes. Others need a spot to park freaking butthole

pas agg + rip off Stop leaving for work and letting your BF stay so that I wake up to him in the apt with me!! And you're moving out stop packing the stuff I bought and saying it's yours.... give me my stuff back.

Dear Utah drivers the flashing red lights and stop sign on a bus mean STOP not speed past like a moron!! You Jerks that's our kids!

hey family coming through the airport don't be rude to me when I ask you politely to put on your mask, I do not want to wear it either! And your young son that rolled his eyes at me I can hardly wait for him to grow up and treat you the same way because obviously you are the one he learned it from

If your going into the gas station for a drink or to bs don't park at the pumps!! People need gas while you get your 20+ mins of morning bs out of the way.

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