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TEXT TOPIC: What is something you tried that you won't do again?

Refuse to ever be in a relationship again. Been there, done that, nothing to write home about.

dating, girls be crazy!

Been there done that - Roommates! Never ever again!

I will never work in an office again. I created my pet photography business and will never go back to Gray cubicles and fluorescent lighting again!

My thing is doing hair professionally. I don't like the industry and didn't even finish my license even though I was a month away. The industry dynamic with all the girls was awful

I will never do the 40 foot platform jump at lava Hot Springs! I literally broke my butt! I thought I would jump and go straight in with my feet and my feet came up and I did a butt flop. I used my arms to swim to the side of the pool, and I was bruised from my backside all the way down to my knees for weeks. I also broke my tailbone.

Ragnar Wasatch Back. In 2011 I ran that with my sisters. So glad I did not never want to do that again. A girls got to sleep!!

went to New York Manhattan last year for a family vacay, soooo glad we went for the memories,however I will NEVER EVER EVER need to go back there ever YUCK!!! NO go on NYC!!!

rock repelling. I fell backwards and hung upside down and then still had to climb down

never do angels landing again. Beautiful but terrifying

been there done that ORGANIZED RELIGION... hello NO!!!!!

passed out on the rocket at Lagoon never again

I ran a marathon July 24, 2015 and that was enough running for the rest of my life. Haha

I will never change my name again, got married almost 2yrs ago n still can't finish changing my name everywhere. Not that I plan to get divorced cuz I love my hubby but I dont want to have to deal with that again!

one thing I'll never do again is rides like "The Rocket" at Lagoon. I hate the up and down rides. They terrify me and we got stuck at the top of "The Rocket" at lagoon

work for a company that 1 doesn't pay enough 2 no respect or acknowledgment for the good I do.

I LOVE hiking but there are some hikes I have no desire to do a second time: Angels Landing, the Narrows and Timpanogos.

Being arrested and put in jail. I got a dui right before I turned 21 and while I'm so thankful it happened because i needed that wake up call, it's definitely something i don't ever want to experience again. Been there done that, never again lol

My fiancés would be serving in the military. He would serve again if needed but after serving four years in the marine corps, it just wasn't for him

got roped into a 60 mile charity bike ride with 36 hour notice on my last England trip 10 years. Haven't touched a bike since.

I will never work Customer Service again, I did for over a decade at various places. got tired of the treatment from customers, now when I call in for anything I'm patient and understand where the Customer Service Reps are coming from and am patient with them.

I will never ever work part time during the holidays for any retail stores. KAREN'S GALLOURE

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