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TEXT TOPIC: What did your kid say in public and you could have DIED?!!

middle of grocery shopping my daughter yells out, mom! We dont have any money! No clue where she heard that from but I wanted the ground to swallow me whole

I was at the grocery store with my 3 year old son, I was looking at the greeting cards trying to find a birthday card when I heard my son say, you have a big butt, I turned around to see a lady giving a dirty look, I told her I'm so sorry, and I left as fast as I could, I was so embarrassed.

embarrassing kid. Christmas shopping at Target, my son had a toy in his hand, I am looking for him a coat on the rack. A beautiful woman comes walking by just busting out her top. My son dropped his toy with his jaw on the ground. She bends down and hands it back to him. He looks over at me, 6 ft away and whispers loudly dad her boobs are huge. I could have died. -Z-

when my son was a toddler sitting in the kid seat at the grocery store, he pointed and said BOOBIES. I turned around mortified. He was pointing at BLUEBERRIES.

I was at a grocery store with my 3 year old daughter and she saw someone in one of those scooters that was overweight and yelled, "Whoa that's a chuuuuuuunky mama!"

I took my 4 yr old daughter to the store and right by the checkout candy, that I wouldn't get her, she screamed, while trying to take off her pants " Pull down my panties poop on the floor!!!!!

In Vegas this weekend and my 3 year old cut a guy off in the hallway. The guy jokingly said "hey you cut me off bud." My son turned around and glared at the guy and yelled back at him saying "no! You cut me off!" I told him to be nice and my son tells me "don't say that momma." I was so embarrassed

we were camping and this mom and son came to our camp for jumper cables and my nephew said before anyone else talked "are you to lovers" smh

at get air and helping my 5 year old do the slack line. His brother pushes him from behind, 5YO yells "you could have broke my penis!!". That place was packed. So embarrassing

My son about 4 and was in a shopping cart at a Smiths. We were in the canned soup aisle when a beautiful woman with a little girl who was his age is walking by. He yells out the woman had big boobs. The woman smiled and I was mortified. I didnt realize he had created an opening for me. I hurried him away and told him yes she does but we do not tell the world.

the first time my 3 year old saw a black man he said "mama does he taste like chocolate" right in front of the guy

my son was super nervous about starting kindergarten we were in the office and he told the receptionist sorry I get the nervous poops I was mortified

my two year old son and I were at the grocery store and there was a bigger lady that walked passed us and my son asked me “is she fat?” Good lord! I got out as fast as I could!

my brother was 5 and at the store with mom and say a lady and said nice rack!! Hahaha

3 yr old daughter Can not shut up! Things she's said " you're fat like my granny" " mommy he's bald like daddy " " you're old like grandpa who died '! This child is gonna get me punched !

nothing major but when I was a kid, I answered a call from my mom's coworker while my mom was in the shower and told the man she couldn't come to the phone right then because she was "showering and very naked". My mom wasn't very pleased...

When my son was about three I was in the dressing room trying on some clothes and my daughter was about a year old at the time she was a really chubby baby, and my son says mama why do you have dents in your butt like Bayleigh lol

When I was little my mom took me shopping and we were in the lamp area and I said "mom please don't burn me again" because I had touched a lightbulb recently

we went snorkeling and my son had a hard time swimming so my husband was holding his head above the water. He told his teacher "my dad was choking me when I was swimming" during parent teacher conference

3 year old at the time, daughter had just started talking so in stores she would say hello to anyone. If they didn't say hello back she would scream at them. Then one time we kept running into the same guy who didn't say hi back so my daughter then said "don't be an a-hole I said hello!" He then turned around.. ops

I am a teacher and teach k-5 kids. A kinder lost in a game we played and shouted out "S**t!" Then said out loud "that's right I said the SH word!!" Ya we had a chat about that...

I was at the DMV and a little bit was playing around in front of me. Turns around eyes go big and said wow you're big his mom was so embarrassed

My cousin and I took our little boys to a festival and they were on a ride that went up and down. Well every time it would have a little drop her son who was 3 to 4 years old at the time kept screaming mommy this ride is tickling my Pp. It tickles my PP! and her and I are just screaming shut up and couldn't stop laughing tears rolling down our faces

I was to young so I went with my mom into the womenswear gym and there was a naked big girl in there and I yelled out ew that is gross.

When my niece was little her and her mom were in the store and she saw a bigger lady my little niece walked up to her poked her in the belly and said boop

We were in the store and my 6 year old at the time Was being naughty. I got mad at him and he yelled OK mommy I'm sorry just please don't beat me again. He thought he was being funny. I have never laid a hand on my child. I was mortified.

My then 3 year old would ask every guy in the grocery store "are you my daddy?" Then I would feel the need to say "I know who your daddy is." Lol little shiz. So uncomfortable.

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