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TEXT TOPIC: What did a kid bring, do or say at school?

kindergartener brought in mommy and daddy's handcuffs and actually handcuffed a little girl to the playset! Mom was embarrassed.

teacher of 1st graders Students were working on an art project that I had assigned, I had some soft music going, and all of a sudden I hear sexual moaning from the back of the room, I look up and this boy is making these sounds while he's doing his art alone at the table, I got up and went over and sat next to him, he didn't even know that this would be embarrassing, I asked him "Buddy, why are you making that sound?" and he said "my mom makes that sound when she sleeps"

my little cousins told the ladies at daycare that their mom and her boyfriend are always jumping on the bed.

had an eager 5 year old student raise hand to say "when the police came last night, my dad said 'I'm not going to jail you m-f'ers.'

had 2 girls come up to me and one girl was like miss Shelbi guess what I walked into my daddy's room today and I found her mommy in my daddy's bed. I guess they like each other.. so basically told me their parents were having an affair. I couldn't talk to either parent the rest of the year.

Reading a story in kindergarten about napping, 5 year old says, "My dad likes to nap, he napped during work so much they told him he can stay home and nap everyday so he doesn't have to work now and he can nap all the time."

My Dads not like a real dad, he's like a kid dad, my mom says he hasn't grown up yet."

I used to teach primary in the lds church and from the mouth of babes, this was the one I remember out of all I heard "My daddy will wear my momma's dresses and heels when she's not home"... like what the eff?? And this hit was in the Bishopric at the time. 😳 Ok then. Could never look at him the same. I noticed then he commented A LOT on the women's dresses

I taught primary and we were talking about our homes. One of my kids said. My house farts all the time.

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