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TEXT TOPIC: What are you and your spouse not seeing eye to eye on?

my hubs and I aren't seeing eye to eye because I want a tattoo and he says no way and that people who have them are insecure while I see them as an expression of art and self

My husband changed the door lock code when my son and his girlfriend moved out. It was not on bad terms and we didn't kick them out. We have a doorbell cam, so we know if they were to come over and they have been good at texting before they come grab some more things. I just feel like it sent the message that we don't want them at our house.

A dog door for our backyard. I'm going to have to go into the office 1-3 times a week and our bulldog cannot hold it for an entire day. He thinks it's opportunity for someone to come in, because our dog is as big as a human. But he doesn't clean the mess she makes. We have cameras to watch the yard, so we would know.

Money....I want to spend and he wants to save

we dont agree on rules for my 14 yr old. I was raised with rules and curfew. Hubs wasnt. He wants to be slack on my son because he's a 4.0 athlete. I want him home at a decent hour.

my husband is not good at managing money, I helped him get it all up to date n agreed that I will take care of the finances but is so hard to break his old habits!!!! We just got married 2 years ago no kids and both make good money that we should have a big savings but because of his impulsive spending we leave paycheck by paycheck ugh!!!!!

giving family money. My husband doesn't care what amount he will give it and I think it's a bad idea

Hubby & I can't see eye to eye on moving out of state. He refuses to leave & I refuse to stay. I have no idea how we're going to make this work.

My husband doesn't agree with me getting a gastric sleeve in Mexico. I want to do it for my health and for our future family.

Hubby wants a bigger motorcycle so he can take it on the freeway to work. I grew up with a mom in the medical field and heard horror stories about them. So I hate motorcycles!

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