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TEXT TOPIC: Is your partner a negative Nelly?

negative Nelly. Hubs is so negative about everything!! Traffic, stores, car wash, kids, etc. everywhere we go. It’s so frustrating!! He wants to know why we fight so much? I told him it’s his negativity. It’s not a turn on and it’s a hard cold for me. Life’s not always glorious but there is some positive.

This was me in the past. I was the negative complainer in my marriage that failed. Many things contributed to the divorce but I look back on how negative I was all the time and how much I complained to my husband and I feel remorse for that. I've grown into a different person the last 5 years or so. I've lost many close people in my life the last few years and it really makes you realize how short life is and to be grateful for all the things we have and the life moments that we will never get back. I'm so glad I am not that person anymore. I still catch myself every now and then but I've become much more self aware.

My ex was extremely negative & complained every day about something but he never wanted to improve his situation. He was exhausting & draining.

I definitely am the complainer. Grew up with it around me a lot. In the process of trying to find the good in things and move past complaining. Thanks for this segment. You guys rock!

I don't try to be negative, but I ALWAYS go to "worse case scenario" Doing that has sucked the life out of relationships and MY life.

I'm the negative one! I realize I complain about myself A LOT and my poor husband has to hear it. He picked me, he loves me and that must make him feel horrible.

I am the negative one, and it's about to ruin my marriage, I hope my husband is listening and knows how sorry I am for it.

our company had an anonymous survey about other departments and the department I used to be in were called 'energy vampires' in the anonymous survey! 🤦🏼‍♀️...FYI...I wasn't one of the negative ones!

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