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TEXT TOPIC: How did you get burned by auto-correct?

my phone will change cant to xanax...not right autocorrect, but not wrong

**reasons=response and **pick =lick

friend was drunk, trying to text an ex. We were trying to stop it so we took her phone and were texting him and said, "suck a duck"

Me and my friend were going to Crown Burger. Wellllll that's not what I told my husband...autocorrect said Brown Bushes. 😂 The name stuck.

text my teen daughter to get me a Horchata drink from 7-11. Auto correct sent "can you get me some whore chocolate from 7-11"

boss text sexy time you work. Meant next time

husband while on a work trip text "wish you were here" and it changed here to "her". Wife left him

"Sorry for the inconvenience", autocorrected to "Sorry for the incontinence."

My name is Syd, but my phone always corrects it to STD! I now know to double check my texts anytime I have to write out my name

you speech text to text my family and say at least you didn't go home with two black eyes and it autocorrected to two black guys. I knew it messed up when my phone was buzzing out of control

Our team overseas sent a "gentle" reminder and it changed to "genital" reminder.

When my husband and I got married in a very small ceremony my mother in law wanted to take us to dinner. My husband texted her "anywhere that won't hurt anyone's wanker" instead of anyone's wallet

I got a new deck with a slide, come over and check it out! Changed deck to dick. I'm a girl, I didn't get a sex change and I wouldn't want my family checking it out.

I got burned by auto correct one time when I text you guys one morning on the topic about three things you can't live without.... i said music, sex & marijuana but autocorrect said music and sex talks with mom

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