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TEXT TOPIC: Happy Passive Agressive Tuesday!

PAT- To my fellow teachers, quit kissing the new principal's a##, and let your work speak for itself.

stop talking about expanding the business when you don't put any money into what exists already then get mad when ppl aren't putting their all. Everyone is run down and dead!!!!!!

I know it's really hard for you as a white male to take direction from a woman...deal with it, I'm your boss.

thanks for filling my role before I even put in my 2 week notice. Just confirmation that you are as crappy as we all think.

Just because you have to sabotage everything good and right in your life doesn't mean you have to make every other special day or occasion horrible for everyone else around you get off your high horse

passive aggressively shut it boss. Don't come at me for having two kids and balancing it all. Then be surprised when you find out I'm looking for a new job. I'm so over a crappy company, crappy boss and no understanding. Interviewed yesterday and hope I can leave soon!!

Hey current boss, quit delaying a meeting with my "to be new boss" just so that I can't leave your team. Yes, you need me on your team but should have had my back. There is a reason they put me on accounts that the company can't lose, yeah I kick A, dude. Took you too long to realize, not my problem.

if you really wanted me you shouldn't have lied to me about your current relationship

People, when in line to order food at a seat yourself establishment, wait until you've ordered your food to find a seat. The people ahead of you need a place to sit with their food too. There will be a seat once you get your food, that's how the cycle works

When I am mad at my husband, when I'm doing laundry I turn all of his shirt inside out before I hang them up

One of my best friends is upset with me and my husband bc my husband commented on her ex-boyfriends post.. She has taken the meaningless comment to a whole new level and it has caused a what I feel is a shift in our friendship ..... I've tried multiple times to get her to talk on the phone ( We live in different states) with me about it so we can sort it out and get to the real issue behind this.... She refuses and says she has basically said everything she needs to say in her texts. And that she really doesn't have time for this. At this point I no longer know what I can do. And feel like giving up on trying to mend the relationship. They've been broken up for at least 3 years.... so honestly this is mind blowing for me. I want to yell, "Stop Following his damn account!"

just because all my cousins are having babies does not mean you need to be up in my business about having a baby I'm not there and I'll let you know when I decide I am

just because you're old, doesn't mean you can treat us like servants. I get you need help with somethings but stop taking advantage of us.

You're the boss. Why do I have to wait an hour or more for you to come in? I need help and you're not here. Some example you are.

To the woman coming at the "white male", I am a white male, my boss is a woman, she's a great boss! Quit throwing the race card! F!

All those people that take it personal that I haven't texted you back yet..... I am NOT looking at my phone every minute and in fact , as a therapist, I go HOURS at a time in face to face sessions, giving my full attention to the person in front of me! I treat the rest of my life like this as well, my attention is with those in my presence! NOT on my stupid phone!! The rest of you that take it so personal that I'm not texting you back right away, try paying more attention to the people in front of you!!! Uggh!!

can we PLEASE cancel the "let's go Brandon" brigade? I'm sick of my kids asking who Brandon is. I don't have the heart to tell them that the all parents with that on their car in the pickup line at school hate the president. All that's doing is telling everyone you're an idiot.

dear schmucks, please stop parking in the pickup lane at my child's school. You park and walk to grab your kid from class and block everyone else trying to get in

I want to be passive but probably come off more as rude saying if you want your kids to carpool to school you should have them shower once in a while. I feel bad that you let your kids out smelling like that!!

take responsibility for your actions stop playing the victim all the time.

just because I had a hysterectomy, it wasn't to make life easier or for cosmetic, I had a condition and was affecting my life.

Dear cry baby parents of students that will go to the New High School in Taylor, things could be a lot worse than being called West Field Longhorns. GET OVER IT!! MOOOOOOOOOO you Heifers!!

Dear boyfriend, I appreciate that you cook, but could we have something besides chicken and rice.

I didn't lose all your money. You don't get to park in our driveway and mooch off us. Get a job.

to my hubby quit getting me excited about future plans/goals when it involves money n you keep going behind my back spending money, maxing out credit cards n opening new ones that make our stuff impossible to do now. Keep going like this n you will have to ask someone else for help cuz as much as I love you, I'm not stupid to stay with someone that has different priorities, selfish!!

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