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TEXT TOPIC: Happy Passive Agressive Tuesday! What is your PAT text?

Utah drivers! Stop being a dumbass jerk and use your blinkers, I promise you won't break your finger! Also all the stupid jerks who only cleared a small area of snow off the car windshield you are going to kill someone driving your car without being able to see out all the windows! Be late and clear off your windows!

Universe, can you chill out? These character building moments are a bit much.

hey joe don't flash ur money to ur g-kids they don't care! They're kids. Plus u only have money from a fraudulent settlement where u were drunk driving. U disgust me. Kiss my butt dude. I'm glad my husband wrote u off

When you Airbnb your place have it ready for the next occupants. After 10hours of driving then 3hours later we checked.. Got $100 dinner on them. We spent $1500+ for 3 nights a little more compensation for this huge inconvenience would have been appreciated.. can say it to you not them!

hey ex wife. When I send pain pills to your house for our son after his surgery and they go missing... yeah no one believes that it's his fault they mysteriously disappeared

Blue house neighbors. It's me again. Second week in a row. You still suck. Last night two of your kids were blaring their music at the same time after 10:00 p.m. Try harder please. There's more than you in this world.

NO law has ever deterred a criminal quit making it harder on law abiding citizens!!!...

You're running a parts store. DONT ask me if I have a part number for a part I need and then tell me you need that number BEFORE you can help me. YOURE a part store. You have ONE job, and a computer to do it. Oh, and Stabilitrack IS a function in SUV's.

to the white hatchback that ran a very red light that I almost T-boned at my green light F you!

to the Riverdale barista who gave me a barely warm latte this morning I hope you step on a lego

dear customer service "manager " I get your new I've been here for 6 years stop asking me simple freaking questions and learn it yourself I've trained you 3 times I'm tired of it

don't assume I'm going just because you invited me and then don't get mad when I say I never said I was going. Don't tell me to watch my tone when my tone is not the problem

Dear Aaron, I'm glad you finally got your eyes opened when you came down and got your ass kicked . But don't come at my hubby(he is the GM) when you have only ALLOWED him to schedule 6 people. We are a traveling location, EVERYONE and their dog stops to eat here we need more people!!! Weenie

hey neighbors stop doing movie night, blasting the audio so loud it keeps my family awake until midnight.

Dear Teenage Daughter: U r almost 17 yo, I shouldn't have to tell you when chores & homework need to be done. Get your đź’© together b4 I lose mine!

A-Hole that gave me a door ding yesterday!!! Don't just swing your damn car door open /especially on I windy day!!!!

dear hubby - I am tired of doing all the chores. I have made it very clear that I need help. I work a full time job too so house chores should be shared. And using the excuse that you would help if I asked you, is weak and immature. Do your part please!!!

please update the systems at work so that when everyone is logged on it doesn't run at a snails pace on our busiest days

To the D-bag complaining about salt hitting your windshield. That's your sign that you're following us to close. Stay back, and give us room to work. We are trying to help make your commute safer to, and from.

Hey pal, maybe you shouldn't be following so closely to have your windshield get damaged? They're doing their job to keep everyone safe.

guys I work for UTA. Please give us room and STOP EFFING SPEEDING UP when we're trying to get over. It's so dangerous and you won't win

Stop complaining that you are fat and making comments about it. It's not attractive and the fact that you are not willing to make the changes needed to loose the weight is even more frustrating.

postpartum depression sometimes men can be the most insensitive jerks in the planet and that makes it worse to heal inside and out

you live up the street from you job and yet you come in two hours late because of a little dusting of snow

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