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TEXT TOPIC: Do you Netflix cheat?

My wife and I came across This is Us a little late, just about six months ago. She keeps watching way ahead, so if I want to watch it with her I have to skip episodes...

Didn't realize the husband wanted to keep watching Housewives with me. Got myself in trouble by saying how good episode 2 was.

Netflix cheater is me but only cause my hubby does the opposite where he doesn't like the show and stops watching it but doesn't want me to finish it or doesn't like it then starts to watch it then loves it and then I'm stuck having to wait to watch it.. after a few years of this I just watch it whenever I can and then when we watch it together I go back and Re watch with him

my husband is CONSTANTLY stream cheating! I'll fall asleep and he will just keep on watching to the point that it's impossible to catch up. Me on the other hand, I change the show to something he wouldn't want to watch

my hubby is the worst Netflix partner he never finishes a single show. If it has more than two seasons he always quits watching it after the second season so will watch the first two seasons and I'll wait a few months and every time I ask him hey you wanna watch a show he'll say no I'm not in the mood for that so finally I'll just go ahead and watch the show because I'm tired of waiting for him and then he gets so peeved when I go ahead without him. This will forever be a conflict in our marriage I swear after 20 years we are still doing this.

My daughter and her boyfriend were watching Friends together. He left for his mission and didn't want her to finish watching it without her. It is no longer on Netflix. She watched without him, no choice 2 years is a long time, then he came home on emergency at 8 months.

My wife and I were both watching a show called Luther with Idris Elba. We had two episodes left for about a year and a half. Finally I just watched the last two episodes without her and she still hasn't let me forget about it and that was over a year ago. Also I should note, she still has not watched those last two episodes.

my wife and I love to watch Bar Rescue. It's our nightly routine to watch it and enjoy our time together, well I got bored one day and thought I would jump ahead. Bad idea, I didn't get NONE for 2 weeks.

Was watching all the newer Law & Order SVU. I ask her one day, "Hey we're a little behind on SVU, let's catch up!" She goes. I'm all caught up! Wth

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