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TEXT TOPIC: Did your parents turn you in?

I told my Underage child that if he got caught vaping again I would turn him into the sheriff's department well he got caught again and he had a fake ID to go and buy vaping product hes in product and I turned him into the sheriff and he actually got a ticket for Tobacco and nicotine possession it was a $500 fight my son has probably never forgiven me for that I'm sorry but vaping is such a pandemic it's horrible for our young kids

When I was really little , I say maybe 4 or 5 I stole a little roll of cherry flavored cough drops ( thought they were candy ) while grocery shopping with my mom. When we left and she saw them she took me back in to the store and to the manager . Made me tell him and hand them over

When I was 6 I stole bubblegum from the grocery store and my mom took me back in and asked for the manager. She has me tell him what I had done and apologize. First interaction with another adult I can remember and I'll never forget!!

My dad found out that my sister relapsed again while living at home and he called the cops on her.

my mom picked up my sister after my sisters drug dealer took her car and wrecked it. She tried to get my sister to go to rehab but my sister refused and became violent. My mom called an officer friend of ours that has experience working with addicts for advice and he said drug addicts need to hit rock bottom so my mom needed to call the police. She did and my sister flipped out and tried to jump out of the moving car because my mom was driving to her apartment where the drug dealer was. When they got there my sister jumped out of the car to warn her dealer right as the swat team got there. My mom watched as they handcuffed and shackled my non compliment sister.

our daughter came home from preschool and took off her boots that were full of treasures she had found at preschool. We made her take them all back the next day and apologize.

caught my oldest (who's in middle school) smoking pot. Found out he bought it from a kid at school, who's oldest sister helps him sell it. Turned them all in to the school and WJPD.

probably 7 I accidentally stole a VHS tape I really wanted my parents to buy it I forgot to hand it to them and walked out with it parents took me back to

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