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TEXT TOPIC: Did you damage an expensive purchase within hours?

The coveted Stanley water bottle. Pulled it out of the box, dropped it, and dinged the crap out of it

I totaled a car the day after I bought it.

in junior high, I saved money for soooo long to buy a purple adidas jacket. Somebody stole it out of my locker the first day I wore it.

Bought a wooden playground set from Costco. I have been working on it for 3 weeks (about 30 hours of work) and almost finished with it .... the windstorm yesterday blew it over and smashed several panels and boards. I'll have to start from the beginning, It'll be a total rebuild! $1800 Kids haven't even got to set a foot on it and it's destroyed!! ... I don't know if it's covered under warranty, I have to call the company or Costco today and see where to go from here.

My brand new 2020 SUV, 5 miles on the vehicle. When we had That crazy wind storm a tree branch hit the hood and roof, denting and scratching both

My husband bought some $200 Oakley sunglasses. It was cloudy that day, so he didn't even get to wear them. He put them on the nightstand and within hours, our puppy somehow got them and shredded them.

Bought our first SUV and most expensive car to date. Within 24 hours of taking delivery it was in an accident. Did not get it back for 6 weeks.

a Dutch vase. As soon as the clerk handed it to me in the bag (not by the handles) but the handles of the plastic groceries bag. The bad slid right through my hands to the floor and busted

My first car in high school, totalled it 3 weeks after I bought it. A month later, I bought another car, totalled that one 2 months later. This was 25 years ago, I'm a much better driver now.

brand new pair of air pod pros not cheap let my little sister 13 years old use them she handed me back an empty charger case no pods

we surprised my son with a brand new iPhone right before our trip to Hawaii. The next morning we watched the sunrise on the beach and he dropped the phone in the ocean! The rest of the trip was ruined for him

in 2005, I put a brand new engine in my truck, totaled it less than 900 miles later

My sister purchased an $8K diamond ring. It needed to be sized. A week later she went to CA on vacation and lost it in the ocean.

hubby got brand new Dodge truck 1st year hemi engine came out. I took it but had to run back home for my wallet. Pulled into driveway and jumped out to get my wallet, left Dodge in drive on accident and crashed into our new house.

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