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TEXT TOPIC: Did someone slip something into your drink?

My husband loves to put hot sauce in peoples drinks, or buy people shots and have them take shots of soy sauce

pretty sure I got drugged by my bff. My first 3some with her and her hubby and I don't really remember. I felt so crappy the next day

when I was in elementary school my teacher made me stay late and clean the classroom, which included mopping. I was lazy to fill the bucket with water saw a bottle of water and just poured the floor cleaner in that bottle. Next day my teacher went to have a drink and spit it out. Needless to say I was in big trouble

Grew up with super mormon parents. I used to put alcohol in their drinks or make desserts with "special" butter or coffee. They still have no idea to this day.

So when I was younger every single year on April fools I would without a doubt Put a bunch of salt in my dad's coffee or drink every year

made laxative brownies in high-school and only gave them to the bullies and a-holes, sweet revenge

when I was younger, we were camping. My father is an extremely early riser and isn't quiet. To combat this, we secretly decided to mix a Tylenol PM in his ice cream. Much to our surprise, my dad decided after a few bites to give his ice cream to our dog. Needless to say, our dog got a good nights rest.

When I was a kid some adults from my church put numbing powder on a bunch of kids hot chocolates and we all had nimb lips for an hour

my brother in law would put a ketchup packet on the bottom of my sisters straw when she'd go to the bathroom. She'd come back and take a huge swig and would only get ketchup instead of Diet Coke.

I was in Wendover here with my husband and got a drink while I was gambling and someone who had walked by I am assuming and slip something in my drink I have never been so sick in my life my husband was terrified I threw up all night it was like an out of body experience I can't even explain it and the day after I was so so sick

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