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TEXT TOPIC: What was the last argument you had with your spouse?

our current argument is that I want to move back to NJ and he wants to stay in UT.

My boyfriend and I got in a slight argument we've never really argued yet we've been together for a little over a year. But I was doing a home sleep study and I told him I would sleep on the couch so he can stay up. He then asked me to come back to bed and he would lay down with me and he didn't he was up playing his games which kept me up.

He decided not to include me in the decision to sign a 2yrlease as if my opinion doesn't count.We were at dinner,he was being the biggest A-hole that I walked home.

can't wait to vent. My wife sets her own rulebook with me but when I use her hook against her she always flips it and tells me that I am making the situation about me. Finally got to a breaking point. We haven't spoke for about a week now

my husband is quitting nicotine, so our last fight was how I was exhaling, eating, chewing, etc.

in feb me and my husband had a HUGE blow out fight that ended in me leaving for a few days. The fight was over his priorities to TikTok and how I had become second in his life over his followers, I honestly believed we were going to get divorced over it. Things are still a little strained

This is so silly but my husband and I got into an argument while meal prepping for the week. After all the cooking was done he portioned all the food out but the portions were based on his needs... he's 6'3 and I'm 5'2.... I got so pissed bc I already hate cooking and this just made extra work for me... I know his intentions were good, he shows his love with food... But I'm trying to look like a snack this summer... end rant.

Just got back from Phoenix seeing Dua Lipa, but have been offered several teaching jobs in the Glendale area. Wife refuses to go because she hates the desert, but I hate the cold. I'm trying to compromise and asking if Afghanistan is workable

Money, and we have plenty of it. So don't think if you have plenty of money you won't fight over it anymore…

our current argument is sex. He's upset it's not happening enough but won't try to initiate anything. After I get zero affection all day that's the last thing on my mind he just doesn't get it

I can't remember the last argument we had. But the one coming up when he wakes up is going to be the chip bags and other garbage he left on the couch, when he came to bed, from his midnight snacks. We've had this argument probably 600 times.

Today is trash day. He forgot to put them out so I had to. He got yelled at by me because that's the "ONLY" thing he is responsible for and he can't handle THAT!

Most recent "fight" was last night. For Easter I want to do matching camo shirts just different colors for everyone. Sent my husband an Amazon link and asked which one? I didn't hear him cuz both kids were sitting on me. I didn't wanna ask "what?" like 6 times, so I asked him when we were in bed. He says I should've been listening and refuses tell me.

my husband and I are in the process of moving, and he keeps wanting to throw away useful things. But yet he found his old high school phone a black berry pearl and wanted to keep it since it was sentimental value. So we argued

Came home last week and my wife had tossed old letters and such from my past. We're talking high school into my 20s. Yes, they are in the past, but fun memories. Somehow, she kept hers. What the?!?

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