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TEXT TOPIC: What is your Passive Agressive Text?

To the man who decided to wait until the end of the play at a local Jr. high to use the restroom almost two weeks ago. For the love of all thing's holy, go see a doctor, or go home! Even Death doesn't even smell like that! When you clear the hallways there is something wrong!

Dear AutoDealer DO Better! My new car in it barely 4 months most of that time it's been down being fixed and the engine blows and you refuse to fix it. NOT COOL!

To the one of the many assistant principles, can ya'll at least pretend to do your damn job! I'm tired of coming to you guys for help and all you guys do is make excuses and never follow up with the problem! YOU'RE THE DAMN PROBLEM!!

I absolutely hate it when people leave their dogs in the back on a truck it just pains me to see it and it pisses me off especially when your driving in a canyon it's stupid

Last wk Thurs. Bangeter. Moron in Gray Toyota Camry. QUIT riding people! Ur going to cause an accident. Ur 2 close when I can c ur ugly face.

Hey Shane, we gave you a second chance at work. You've been back two weeks and and you are already sucking again. We hired you to work, not to smoke and hang out outside. Your baby is a week old, you probably shouldn't lose this job too!! Stop being a lazy ass!!

If your kids ride a school bus, please. Please!.. PLEASE! Talk to them about common sense behavior of sitting down while the bus is in motion and picking up their damn trash! The floor is not a trashcan! You walk right by it as you exit the bus!! –ThatOneBusDriver

put ur blinker on a couple feet before you come up to the turn. Not right at the turn

dear husband. Stop pampering and coddling your pot smoking 16 yr old. His mouth and actions are outta control, this is no "bonus" for me. Fix it or I'm out

STOP texting me questions that you can Google! Why would I know the answer to dates to something in the fall? I'm not on call to answer stupid questions 24-7

you may be family, but you don't know me. You don't call unless it serves you. ps I quit church so stop sending quotes and talks. And NO, I won't be listening to conference!

daughter of mine get up the first time I ask. I know you are 7 but yelling at me for asking is old.

hey boss stop telling us to help everyone else because we're short handed when you keep leaving early Or taking days off.

So frustrating that we will be called back to the office after 2 yrs working at home, everything we touch is digital and we've proven we are fully capable.

Let people merge over! It's not that hard to take turns people. Next time ill let you hit me.

to the fitness Tik Toker fat shaming people at Disney. Shame on you. I go to Disney for the snacks and don't care what you think. Take your chicken and broccoli and go sit in the corner. No one wants to hear from you.

Pass/aggres dear Hubs. Please quit calling me and asking me to make phone calls for you. I make appts for you like you'd ask then you MISS them and get mad at me, tell me I told you wrong. Instead of calling me to call for you. Call yourself

Dear JR high parents plz teach ur kids respect. My daughter has Tourette's. It's not ok to purposely set her tics off & record her & saying she is possessed. It's so damaging.

First off there are NO numbers in a person's name! You are dumber than a box of rocks. Yet you go home and not show back up to work after lunch because your the one who messes up, males us all look bad. Good job in reading k's diary, Maybe your not that dumb??...... Wait yes you are! Cannot wait the boss sends you up front.

I think its great you don't eat sugar but don't hate on others that do. Maybe go gamble or have have sex with vulnerable women to get you fix. I am going to enjoy my chocolate chip cookie over here.

dear people who park in handicap spots at gas stations. Those spots are incredibly important for people with disabilities, please don't be a jerk and feel like the world revolves around you and it doesn't matter where you park. It does

hey boss. the entire company is over your mood swings. quit it before you lose some of your most valuable employees

Hi, friends, don't get mad at me for treating you how you've treated me. I've found out who my main 3 are, and that's all I need!! Bye Felicia's!!

Dont talk about my weightloss struggle you don’t see me talking about your fertility struggles

If I walked up and assaulted another person like Will Smith did, I would be in jail. The person doesn't have to press charges, the DA can just do it. But, because he is Hollywood Royalty...nothin'? Here's my passive aggressive Tues: piss off celebrities! ~Stu (OG Jax)

don't say I can do leave for my baby then 6 months later inform me it's messed with my other kids fmla now my absences haven't been excused and my job is on the line. Don't be surprise when I leave since I can get paid more somewhere else only reason I've stayed is for fmla

To the "homeless woman" that I have see at the same spot, every day for months now... go away. *You* are the reason people who actually need help, don't get it.

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