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TEXT TOPIC: Have you ever flown on a private jet?

yep flew on a Honda jet to the to the Caribbean when I worked as an assistant to a high profile founder to a Utah mlm. Half the cabin was made into a bed for her.

OMG, yes flew in a Hawker 800, a Falcon 900 and sat in the jump seat landing in NY. Absolute luxury to fly like that, skip big airport stuff. You feel like a queen!!

used to work for a company called Millionaire here in Utah. And I was able to go on John Stockton's private jet once. It wasn't for anything exciting but still it was a cool experience.

private jet story- My FIL has a lot of money and a few years ago he took my husband's whole family the in-laws and all the grandkids and everybody to Disneyland. But he rented a chartered private jet and we with the two kids couldn't fly with them because then we would be over the weight limit so everyone else in the family flew home on a private jet but we flew commercial plus our flight got delayed and we ended up getting home way later than them with two kids and nobody else on the private jet had any children with them.

hopped a ride on private jet to NY to hang with friends while my dad & his buddy then took one of the last flights on the Concord to Europe. Amazing!

Worked at Discount Tire and had record sales for the month. So the company gave us a ride in the private jet to Montery California for the day. It was pretty awesome!

I flew on a private jet with my dad and some the owners of admiral beverage corporation (they own Pepsi cola.) my dad gets major anxiety so he takes Xanax to fly. He was OUT the whole time and I had to sit there with these men haha

I was able fly to Sun Valley Idaho on the jet plane from the owners of The Grand America. It was only a 25 minute flight, it's better than a 5 hour drive.

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