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TEXT TOPIC: What negative experience are you thankful for?

my negative word or phrase is "You can't do that or go there" I feel like at that point you are double dog daring me to learn how to do something or figure out a way to go somewhere!

I'm grateful for getting arrested for a DUI. I thought I was invincible. But it was a wake up call for me that I need to stop drinking. And reminds me how stupid I was that I drove drunk. I'm very lucky I didn't hurt anyone else. It could have ended badly. I have mad respect for those who choose to become sober. It's not easy.

thankful for the horrible things my husband and I went through growing up and in relationships it has made us so grateful for what we have, amazing!

thankful for my failed marriage, everything I went through helped me to grow as a person and I'm better for it. Still working through a lot of stuff from it but I'm a completely different person now.

I'm thankful for the abusive environment I grew up in, it taught me to treat my kids with love & respect & tell them how amazing they are daily. It also taught me not to be an alcoholic like my dad.

thankful for my anxiety and panic attacks and everything I've taught myself to cope, now I'm able to help my son deal with his.

It still hurts but in a way thankful for my miscarriage because I might not have my other 2 baby girls

thankful for the previous bosses that said I wasn't a good for management. Wasn't meant to supervise. Thankful for the ones that called me an idiot, stupid. Thankful for the teachers that said I wouldn't be good enough for anything but a phone job. I own a company for a year now, managing 10+ employees and over 250 clients.

thankful that I can see through my dad's addiction and choose not to make the same mistake. My own kids and I have witnessed first hand the ugliness of addiction and I feel we are stronger for it. The situation is still active and we have had to step away from contact with him for our own sake. We've done everything to help get help, but 50 years of addiction makes him think there's nothing wrong with what he's doing. It's up to him now to choose health and family or the booze and pills. I feel like my teens can see what bad choices do to a person and will not make the same mistakes

As a mom of 4 kids, Grateful for living with my parents for a few months, learning what NOT TO SAY to my grown children. Have a little faith in me and the way I parent my children. It's ok if you don't agree. Treat me with respect, as I'm the only one doing that. THANKFUL for the example of what NOT to do.

told that I wasn't the smart kid, oh she's just good at sports. Pushed me to be the smart kid now I have 2 college degrees haha

My mom was always hard on me, too much. A year after HS I had been working and she said, "You better become good at something because you're not smart enough for college." F U...4.0 through university, two degrees. We still are not close.

In a way Im grateful my dad left us after my parents divorce. I think he tried his best but had generational family trauma he wasn't willing to work on. Sometimes leaving is the best thing you can teach someone. I learned independence, to trust myself, I became stronger. So it's ok dad, I learned a lot

The abusive cycle ends with me. I refuse to let my kids grow up the way I did and feeling worthless and being told you will never be anything. They are everything and will conquer the world.

I escaped a very physically and emotionally abusive relationship in June of last year. As I heal from trauma I try to look at the positive and am almost grateful I went through that. It made me a kinder, more patient, humble person. Taught me discipline and some good habits because my abuser was a perfectionist

When people call me a victim. It makes me fight more for survivors like myself! I can honestly say I wouldn't trade what happened to me because it made me who I am. ~Desi from candle in a dark room

thankful for my time as "the other woman" taught me so much about myself and now that I'm married I understand the pain and love more deeply---but also regret allowing myself to be the other woman. Also learned so much

thankful for my cousin making fun of me due to my language barriers at the time. Made me more ambitious. 13 yrs. later I'm thriving at my job had been climbing the latter. And have a side business.

grateful for the people who made fun of my weight and lack of education. I'm in the best shape of my life- I've lost 100lbs and I make 400k a year. Use the negativity to push yourself

I'm grateful for for all I've learned about addiction due to my late husband's accident OD. I've learned empathy, compassion & understanding for those struggling with drug & alcohol addiction. I've learned that I'm stronger than I ever thought possible. I'm brave. His addiction is not my legacy but a wonderful teaching tool for our kids and a learning opportunity. It's been 12 years. We miss him dearly but we are thriving.

growing up my fam would tease me for being a blonde ditz, basically never thought I'd go anywhere. Now I'm the most successful kid in the fam. Even as a single mom I bought own place, etc. Now married and we're doing great!

I'm thankful for a late term miscarriage I had about 14 years ago. Me and the dad broke up shortly after. We ended up getting back together after taking a couple year break. We've been together for 10 yrs and have a fun 5yr old boy. I'm certain we wouldn't have gotten back together and be where we are now, had we been forced to co-parent.

Growing up, my dad and 2 older brothers had violent tempers and it caused a lot of emotional and mental trauma. I love him, but he'll never change. It helps me to recognize when I'm walking the line in my own life. Took me years in my adulthood to see it, but I do now.

thankful for my dad's toxic relationship with his girlfriend when I was a teenager. It brought my younger sister and I together cause we both hated her teehee #best friends!

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