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TEXT TOPIC: What is your PAT text?

When your buy a plane ticket you agree to wearing a mask. Don't get belligerent with the flight attendant. The pilot will take the plane back to the gate so you both can be removed. Thanks for causing a 50 minute delay ya dummies

asking your grandma for a ride last min when you had all day to ride the bus is bs. She's tired and she's 80 you're an entitled 18yr old POS.

Dear step siblings, just because you come visit once in the last 3-4 years and we haven't come over doesn't mean we don't help out our parents. We are there every day checking on them and doing random chores we just can't stand you it's not that we are never there. Stop spreading false information

to my 8 older siblings. Stop treating me like a dummy. Just because you're older than me doesn't mean you're wiser. I'm 40 for crying out loud!!!

husband- i used to care and be distraught when you threatened me with divorce and now when you do that I am starting to hope you follow through. It's cruel.

hey husband. Don't hang up on my and expect me to answer so you can wish our son good luck. Enjoy your work trip and ps you suck

to the Suzan complaining about my music being to loud you son speeds up and down the street take control of yours before coming for mine

To the dumbass double trailer semi today on the freeway that decided to tail a school bus. You almost hit me because you were so focused on being super close to the back of the school bus.

dear Christian, get up from your desk and blow your damn nose in the bathroom. I can't sit next to you all day listening to you suck your boogers back up. Go to the bathroom or go home!

Stop calling yourself a friend. You don't talk to me for years and the only time you have is when you hear something is wrong in my relationship. You just want drama, you thrive off of it. You're married now with two kids, seriously grow up and go **** yourself. I'm done.

to my ex boss that told me I'd never get pregnant (I've had 7 miscarriages) this one's for you. In my second trimester with a healthy baby.

You are in your 50's stop acting like a teenager. You are toxic. You gaslight people. You made up this ridiculous story about me, spread it around like we are in high school, then you go in for the kill with the most hurtful statement that shook me to my core. You are a bad person. Shame on you. Grow up!

Attorneys stop acting like you know everything. You don't. Also I don't work for you so stop trying to have me do your work you lazy jerks!

RHOSLC stop being so mean! women need to build each other up, not tear each other down!

dear baby momma, stop treated our kids like a paycheck and demanding I buy them from you. You ate destroying your relationship with them and making them feel worthless.

mother in law, I know family is everything, but you're suffocating your daughter and I. Give us a break with the constant "reaching out" we're adults and thriving. Give me at least a day without having to hear from you with your thoughts on how we should be living life. THANKS UGH

hey brother in law, thanks to your Covid conspiracy theories my sister is in the hospital with Covid. If she doesn't come out of this, there will be hell to pay. Thanks to you and bill gates!

Passive aggressive Covid is not over. Some people w/underlying health conditions are still at risk They are not just a casualty that need to get it and die

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