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TEXT TOPIC: What do you pay your kid to do or not do?

growing up my dad paid me to go to church. My mom never knew she just thought I liked church


When we need to be somewhere right away and there is something We can't find, I'm offering five bucks to the kid that can find it! Mostly misplaced shoes ...


I offered my daughter 1000 to not have a boyfriend before she turned 16 and 3000 more if she didn't kiss a boy before HS graduation.


$20 a day if I do not get an email from the school that my son was absent for any classes. So far I've paid nothing all year! That could have been $100/week


my cousin got paid $1000 to not kiss anyone until she was 18!


$20/week per kid...if they complain about anything that I ask them to do, I minus some of it and it varies how much...they never know what the deduction will be. Has worked awesome.


I paid $100 per book report and/or science experiment during summers.


When I was young my grandpa gave me $100 for learning to type 60 wpm


Pay for grades= $5 for A / $2 for B / nothing for C. They owe me $2 for D and $5 for F 


my nine year old will get $100 off to not drink soda for a year. He's over half way there.


my niece starts her hs varsity basketball team as a sophomore. She wouldn't score, so I paid her per point. She's the high scorer now.



I offered 100 dls to my 2 teens after our last dental cleaning to whoever keep their teeth as clean as our last cleaning. I think my daughter will win


my dad would pay for s honeymoon to Hawaii if me and my sister waited until we were 25 to get married. Didn't happen. He offered my brother the opposite. Be married by 25 for Hawaii honeymoon. Didn't happen


I'm currently paying my kids a dollar for every light switch that they turn off


Gpa and mom will pay for good grads. Mom has to pay more because Gpa said he doesn't want to one up mom. ABC only


I'll pay my kids 10 dollars if they will try new foods that they refuse to eat.


I bought my daughter an art book and it's 365 days of art and told her that if she does all 365 days that I'll buy her a Digital art tablet


Pay my kid for goals in soccer. Also pay him the same amount for assists so he learns teamwor


Offered my eight year old $100 every year she went without eating processed sugar. She made $300 and went three years without eating processed sugar.


Kids dad was an addict, I said I'd give him $10,000 on his 21st birthday. He is 20 and looks like he'll be getting the money next year. :)


im paying my kids a $1 for every book they finish. It's helps them actually read


Grades! My kids are young (K and 4th grade) and I will pay for good grades always. Right now they have a choice cash or toy and the amount is dependent on how well they did that quarter.


When, my son graduates. I promised him $500 and $2500 towards a vehicle. When my nephew graduates I've promised him $500 too and love towards his own car purchase!


If kids graduate from college in 4 years, we will buy them a car 


I pay my son $25 for every A he's brings home (9th grade) and I've offered him $2000 to stay away from social media until he's done with high school. He's agreed... so far.


I've always looked at school as their job. Just like I work to get paid they need to work for good grades to get paid. Straight A's gets then $100. A's & B's $5 each and nothing for anything else.


We pay our kids for grades $100 for 4.0, or $10 for every A, $5 for B's


I pay my kids $10 for every A, $5 for every B, nothing for C's & D's and any F cancels out an A (or $10). $100 if they get straight A's though! It seems to work as my son is usually on the honor roll & daughter averages around a 3.0-3.5





we bank $20 / A, $10 / B, $0 / C and talkin' for anything less for our 5 kids. Money is banked for use towards books for college. Started in middle school. We have money saved otherwise for tuition, but they don't know that.


if my oldest gets his driver's license before 19 years old, I will buy him a car. He has 38 days left, offer has been on the table for 1 year. He has no motivation in life


After COVID and noticing some beginning signs of depression, I've had to start adding bathing into my daughters chore list bcshe'll go 3-4 days if I don't! Also, they get paid extra to clean the yard or walk the dog, etc. Anything for outdoor exercise.


I offer both my kids $100/year to not drink soda. So far one has taken me up on it for three years. The youngest only gets it 1-2 times a month when we eat at restaurants, but doesn't want to give that up.


My daughter is in 9th grade and attends in class high school. We pay her to take extra classes online. Each quarter she gets paid $100 for A, $90 B, $80 C. Bonus if she gets 100% on the proctored exam. We're trying to get her to graduate early.


I offered my daughter $1000 not to kiss a boy before she graduated and she came out and said she's gay which we fully support however she has kissed her gf. Her argument is that well she hasn't kissed a boy my husband agrees with her because I specified boy and so we negotiated and settled on 500.


I pay $100 for no cavity club, each dentist check up if they have no cavities I pay up! It's way cheaper than cavity costs!!


I pay my five and six-year-old a dollar when they brush their teeth take a bath and get dressed trying to teach them good hygiene habits at a young age


offered daughter a car if she finished high school and not have a boyfriend. She did it!


$10 for each A, if they get a 4.0, $100. If they get a 4.0 all year, 4th qtr I pay $200


When I was in high school my dad always told me that if I graduated college he would buy me my dream car which is a jeep wrangler. I am only one year away


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