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TEXT TOPIC: Is your spouse a picky eater?

I am the picky one. I don't like my food touching, I hate going to new restaurants for this reason alone. I don't like spicy, tomatoes, red meat, veggies and if it looks gross I won't eat it. My spouse is the opposite will eat anything and has.

I am the pickiest eater I hate all veggies except the ones aren't healthy potatoes and corn. I I was 28 when I tried ketchup for the first time and 38 when I tried Jam.

I'm the picky eater. No vegetables, seafood, Asian food, Mediterranean food, virtually no desserts (especially candy, cake, ice cream, or chocolate), no strongly flavored foreign foods, etc... My partner says it's like he's feeding a toddler with my Mac and cheese and chicken nuggets.

I'm the picky eater. My husband will eat almost anything. It's more of a texture thing for me. I didn't have fruits and veggies growing up so I struggle with those most.

oh it's me lol!! I always do the cooking to make sure the nasty stuff stays out of my food--No onions , broccoli and cauliflower make me vomit...truly anything healthy is a no go area.

my ex bf would only have heinz ketchup. I started buying great value and putting it in the heinz bottle. He NEVER KNEW

my husband is the picky eater but claims he isn’t! He will eat fry sauce but will not touch anything with ketchup or Mayo! He says pudding is gross but loves banana cream pie, he refuses to eat pancakes and spaghetti because he says it’s gross, won’t eat cake but brownies are ok, I literally make the kids one thing for dinner and make him his own special meal so he will eat

my husband is the picky eater. He doesn't eat lettuce beans or nuts, it's the texture for him.

My wife is a GREAT cook, but when she adds onions or cremé of mushrooms to ANYTHING I won't eat it. She says it's "just for flavor"- well that's a flavor I don't want. I love onion rings- but anything else-just gross 🤮 And Mushrooms are just nasty in the first place. They grow in poop so NO THANK YOU!

I am a pretty picky eater and I hate it very much but I can't get myself to change. There are so many foods I haven't tried and won't .things like ketchup, sour cream, steak, wings, seafood's, mustard ranch mustard the list goes on and on

my brother-in-law is the pickiest eater. Hamburgers at Mexican restaurants, chicken tenders, only to steak well done 🤦🏼‍♂️ has donuts and pizza every day for lunch and breakfast. Literally eats like a toddler.

I'm the picky eater. My husband eats everything. I'm the person that I have to look at the menu before we go somewhere to make sure there's something I'm going to be able to eat

I the only meat I'll eat is chicken but I'm weird about my chicken. It can't be in the bone and it can't look too dark. And if there is any weird texture it's game over

it's me, I'm picky! My husband is a good cook but he knows that certain textures and things like onions make me gag!

I am behind picky and it's embarrassing. I won't eat mustard, mayo, cream cheese, sour cream, anything white and creamy for that matter. No melted cheese, pretty much no cheese, no fish of any kind, the list goes on and on and on.

I HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE CILANTRO. GROSS, GROSS, GROSS! You might as well be putting Irish Spring shavings on your food.

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