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TEXT TOPIC: What is your PAT text?

People it's not The Ukraine. It's just Ukraine. You don't say you live in The Utah. Please educate yourselves

you gave us the discount. You can't take that back because you don't have more work!

You ended our friendship for the fake people at work... but news flash they all talk crap about you behind your back #fakefriends

Again, stop breaking on the freeway to change lanes. If you miss your exit get the next one. Sheesh

Kristy, kiss mine!! You are not the leading authority on Covid! The dark web has not made you an expert!

If two lanes are merging, do not go around the line to the front and cut everyone off... or expect someone to let you in. I hate you.

Dearest Handsome, you say we need to talk to our family with love and then turn around and start speaking unkindly to everyone, so which is it?

hey governor Cox Get all those Losers that are living on unemployment off so that we can get our companies, businesses and economy back where it needs to be ! This is ridiculous

Hubby and children, freaking clean up after yourself I'm not the damn maid! Love mom

hey convenience store quit over ordering our product then yelling at me when there is no room. LEARN HOW TO ORDER

you aren't misunderstood, you are rude, learn the difference. We want to have fun and not be belittled because you think you're better. Maybe you can find a crystal to make you a better person to be around.

Hey hubby get it together & start giving a crap about your kids emotional needs, engage and care because I am tired of your bs and divorce is around the corner of things don't change

Hey little gems. Don't come to my office and tell me what other similar businesses do or don't do compared to me. If you like them so much go there

hey woman of my dreams, get out of my head. Your happily married, I'm married. I really need to stop dreaming about you.

I'm trying to loose weight Susan quit offering me all this junk food that smells amazing

hey, spouse! Quit volunteering to make stuff when you know you don't have time to do it. Then falls to me to complete the task. I am not your calling assistant! I have my own stuff to do.

Hey Marc quit whining about not being able2find anyone to hire.NO ONE wants ur poverty wages/no benefits/huge workload just to work w/a crap boss like you!

you know this is a LONG GOODBYE . I love you but not in love with you .. LET ME GO

Hey Nikki. You're a homewrecker. You ruined my life.

if you are going to set rules for me with our kids, you need to follow them as well.

To the person who thinks you should wait in line to merge. You're doing it wrong. It's called the zipper method and you better get used to it since the whole world is moving to Utah. If you think the thousands of people moving here are going to wait it that line you're wrong.

To the wives of the Stake Presidency & THE STAKE PRESIDENCY, in the LDS church, when someone confides in you, keep it where it is supposed to stay!!! it's not your place to spread rumors. It causes hate, hurt, & confusion!! This church unfortunately has lost a member, sorry, not sorry. Hey church, yeah your leaders to be more respectful!!!

for the love of all things holy and pure pull forward! If you need to read your child a story, make them a full pancake breakfast, and sing the Encanto soundtrack before your kids exit the vehicle you don't belong in the drop off line!!

dear bffs gf.... I've been his best friend for years through his last 2 gfs. Just because I'm female doesn't mean he and I are sexual. Stop trying to get rid of me. He will get rid of you before me. Besties before breasties

Hey man baby Start the divorce already!!! You can't have the perks and benefits of marriage and want to be single at the same time. YOU threw the Grenade already, the damage is done. I AM DONE with your games. My kids and I deserve better. Grow the f up.

Hey boss i've been asking for a raise or a promotion for the past two years and you just pretend like nothing is happening, now im done im out having fun hiring and training someone new.

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