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TEXT TOPIC: What is the most annoying thing at your job?

my boss and lead do not listen... like at all. I ask a question.. repeat. Give an idea... repeat. They do not listen!! Drives me up the wall. Also say they deserve respect but don't actually work for it!! (I'm over my job and actively looking)

F-ing Cindy. Cannot answer a simple question via email or skype... Has to turn it into an hour long phone call!! 🤬 No need to call Cindy just answer the dam question please

my immediate supervisor told me when he hired me that our department head would be the hardest part of my job. He wasn't wrong.

when I have a co-worker who started in January and has called in more times than I have worked in my 3 years of being a company.

when something happens at the office where like a patient gets something for no charge and I tell the girls or ask them why and they're like well I didn't know I was supposed to do it that way well I've told him 100 million times probably how to do it

most annoying the new HR mgr with the inferiority complex and doesn't want to deal with any employee issues...hello?!

I have a coworker that always has to put in her 2 cents and of course if she doesn’t like what she is hearing she will start arguing with you to where you will just stop messaging because you don’t want to deal with it. And she wonders why we ignore her.

Me! I'm the annoying person at work cuz I bring up OneRepublic anytime I can cuz, come on! Ryan Tedder is a lyrical God!! I see the eyerolls and can literally hear the sighs on their muted headphones

coworker talks baby talk when talking about pets.

POPCORN!! I uses to love it but since working at a place with a Popcorn maker I can't stand it. Smelling Popcorn at 7am has ruined it for me!! They make it 4 times a day.

My BOSS is the most annoying thing that happens at work.

Yeah, let's have safety meetings every month, but when it comes down to it, you get told, just hurry and get the job done, even though it's not safe how you're doing said job.

things that bug me at work are bullies, employees being on their cellphones more then working and people who constantly complain about EVERYTHING. Its hard enough 2B at work but 2B around someone complaining makes it harder. U dont like UR job? Quit!

they expect me to work 8 hours a day

I really hate how different women are treated than men!!! We had (he just got transferred Thank God) a boss that was very sexist. Women were never treated equal yet we do the same job the men do

that people can't show up on time. We start work at 9. That's not early.

a girl at work can't do her work, but is in my work. Stay in your lane Susan (not her name).

customers wait far too long for help at fabric table. Often 2 or 3 calls before they get service

When someone who isn't your boss comes and acts like your boss to make you do things that isn't even your job.

my 72 year old boss that turns the lights out for a nap multiple times a day. Retire already!

when your boss never follows through. Said they will send an email yesterday and still waiting.

I hate the men that act like princess at work. Buck up , stand up and grow up!!

teacher here and it's the constant understaffing. Our school is down 20+ hourly positions and has been all year. One day we had 20+ out sick on top of the infilled positions. Safety for students and staff are our biggest concern these days.

Massage therapist here. When clients want a same day, same week appointment. And are pissed off when I am booked out 6 weeks. Sorry, not sorry that I am good at what I do.

The owners son misses work whenever he wants too. It's a small business and we really need all the help we can. But we end up doing more work while he's gone.

My coworker talks on speaker phone all day as she is eating talking with her mouth full also turns her music really loud when I clearly have mine on at a nice low level

hey Wendy stop turning in ur chair staring and me twirling ur hair.. u get paid more than everyone else doing the same job but what do u do all day?

we are short staffed, and I've begged my staff , please no taking time off until we hire another person. But everything that could go wrong in a person life, happened to this one person. Yeah right!!!

my work irritates me when they want to talk about teamwork but expects day shift to do all of the work

My "coworkers" constantly barge into my office asking for a drink or snack. Oh the joys of working from home!

Annoying UGG where to start. I hate it when patients sit in the lobby of the clinic and talk on their phones on speakerphone like they just don't care if everyone hears their conversation lol

my husband and I both work from home for the same company and he is so loud!!!

When you have to train new people and they think they know everything and try training you.. like umm I have been here for 3 years I know what I'm doing already, hush your mouth and listen lol

People who get hired on salary just because the boss likes to talk to them. They are unqualified and don't work even 30 hours a week. We get a lot of "I don't know"

It's annoying when I'm trying to listen to my favorite radio station (97.1) & people feel the need to talk to me

When you work at the irs they are so scared to help you after training. They think you are all a genius and have caught on. But then they say no its ok u can ask me anytime. Then when u do ask for help.They all ignore you and act like your cutting off there arm

A little different, but I am a nanny. The most irritating thing I deal without my job is the mom feeling jealous of my connection with the kids. It makes our relationship super awkward

So agree with the nosiy co-worker. I had a co-worker pre-pandemic who had to FaceTime her husband and child every day. She would do it at her desk and volume up all the way! Could not stand it!

I work at Costco but when people get mad because we don't have any boxes to put their stuff in on the busiest day of the week makes me crazy. I can't make a box magically appear out of nowhere

asking the team if they want something from the gas station when you're already 10 minutes late doesn't make up for you not being to work on.

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